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The historical tense of Chinese type sale

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Culture Revolution period, because a female comrade has sex to be sentenced with many male comrade, she says calmly before put in prison: "Look, it won't be long, can prove I am innocent. " after a few years, factual test and verify her prophecy. A lot of moment, the history always appears preposterous in a certain hour, but without person laugh. It is in this Chinese old state, a few confirmed systems always can be changed by casual ground, destroy.

Although the Chinese business world 30 years ago still is in muddleheaded in, in haze some regulation are adapted, but some spirit can be stood fast however. 1978, a of Zhang Binggui of old salesman of 60 years old, model worker " for revolutionary serve as a shop assistant " serve the sale mental summary to be " posse fire spirit " . Although this more be a kind " revolutionary spirit " , but his sell goods " catch accurate " , account " a Qing Dynasty " , service " an appearance " and " 5 interest " concept however first time is illuminative sale consciousness of the Chinese, so that be in quite long time, it makes standard of a highest commerce, even if arrives now, these concepts also do not pass when.

With example worker " Zhang Binggui " different, the person that more doing poineering work guesses every time drumbeat of the history, expectation obtains bigger a favourable turn in every time change of the country. Of the business at them, more it is a kind of cautious gambler game. House of play the market, corner is strange, these are in abroad is common management behavior already, be regarded as to break the law for a time however in home. Below the shortage economy that shorts in goods and materials, the product became core keyword, so called sale is a coronal only on " cheap is bought expensive sell " of label trade behavior, it is not taken seriously by people place. Until last centuries 80 time are inchoate, a few businesses are gradually clear " good wine also is afraid of alley child deep " truth, begin to be excellent product conversation with advertisement. The China of after this, advertisement is regarded as to open the most powerful weapon of the market by enterprise of a few China all the time, a batch " mark king " quick success makes " advertisement is king " make group of sale of China of that paragraph of time most ictus.

Last centuries 90 time are become also advertisement, be defeated also advertising time, qin Chi, love is much etc " mark king " fall from the sky allows Chinese company must the meaning that the system ponders over sale. Meanwhile, the 4P sale theory of Great Master Philip Ketele begins to emerge in passion the China that move ferments, then gradual progress becomes a kind of thoughts. The channel in 4P, sales promotion is taken seriously by more and more company place, a few enterprises that are brave in to innovate begin to use 4P tool in the market control the forces of nature. The couplet that the tactics of sea of faces of the supermarket sales promotion of filar treasure, 3 individual plant, child with a ha breaths out sells body to wait for the acme that is based on pair of sale some element to apply let enterprises of these new fighting spirit fly with the speed like the rocket.
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