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Agency administers 123456 law

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The core of battalion of already of look forward to is a sale, the core of the sale is agency management.

Agency administers standard

▲ management is due affection, rational, advantageous

1, good sale personnel wants " bicephalous handclasp, embrace among " .

2, those who master manufacturer concern " degree " : "Close and not close, sweet and not be bored with " .

▲ guest affection concerns it is actual

1, true esteem agency.

2, cooperate for a long time, share happiness and woe.

3, pay attention to routine to cooperate

4, ensure agency is reasonable interest. .

It is crucial that ▲ method imparts (give a person one fish, offer one meal only with. Give a person with fishing, can offer use for life) . .

1, guidance supports management.

2, direct agency shop is decorated, shop and commodity display a design.

3, advertisement of protocol agency and activity of consumer sales promotion, public relations.

Agency runs a focal point

▲ manages a principle: Communication service is given priority to, supervisory control is complementary.

▲ is incentive (award) the key that managing with inventory is agency management.

1, product

Circumstance of the shop goods that inspects various market, tally and have the money that do not have change.

2, the price

Whether is the price the uniform price that sets by manufacturer.

3, channel

Expedite sex and product flow have channel to be able to be operated without new way etc.

4, advertisement

Ad series print sows the paste that reachs POP of relevant propaganda paterial, distribute whether to reach the designated position.

5, the activity is carried out

The execution of activity of all sorts of sales promotion, public relations, incident, the market is answered effective.

Agency administers 123456 law


Sales compaign wants to be a center in order to manage.

Two nod basically

The business should have arrested two armies namely the construction of business delegate and agency team.

3 principle

Do the market to build sale network namely.

Help agency makes money.

Make construction of good terminal market.

4 target

Sale is the biggest.

Charge lowest.

Control is the strongest.

Consumer is most.

5 measure that agency runs

Agency choose. (choose is optimal and companionate) .

Sales compaign is promoted (help a fund constantly) .

Sales compaign coachs (effective communication) .

Management guidance (enhance area business ability) .

Agency management (choose pool) .

6 sides that agency runs

▲ price management

1, price stability is mainly

◎ is the same as class agency, a price. .

◎ lets benefit do not let value must be fixed principle.
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