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Cosmetic sale arrives with respect to the physiology demand that is a female psy

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The female cosmetic that already became absolutely consumption main force the market, already was different from greatly on consumptive idea before, the course studies the analysis is knowable, in cosmetic domain, demand general interest is OK cent is consumer physiology demand and psychological demand, this is Masiluo " demand administrative levels is academic " among them two respects, the psychological demand with the pursuit perfect self-image of the in living to want sue for peace with basic life high end that represents pyramid ground floor respectively.

The female consumes these two respects of demand, deciding a female to be planted in cosmetic consumption having both reason and blame reason consume psychology two kinds, generally speaking, after main physiology demand gets satisfaction, people began the pursuit to the United States gradually, the implementation of this one process, witnessed the physiology demand transition to psychological demand, these change also decided to consume a domain in cosmetic, of the female bought behavior to change direction from rational consumption gradually sensibility is consumed and this kind of trend is growing in intensity.

Hold the crucial factor between reason and blame reason

Consumption considers to prove, in cosmetic consumption, existing as before very big the woman customer that is loyal to product quality partly, they are the delegates of rational consumption, often be reached the influence of the element such as effect easily by product quality, price, doing buy decision-making when often meet cogitative, general won't actuation buy some product or brand, the brand loyalty of this kind of consumer is spent bigger, consumptive behavior compares stability relatively.

However, in cosmetic for domain of this one special consumption, the consumptive feature that is main consumption group with the female decided consumptive process is here medium, more ground is the consumptive characteristic with a kind of rational blame, affect them buy decision-making element to basically reflect in the following respects:

Female consumption has infection sex to consume a feature

The female often contains rich feeling in consuming a process, psychological activity rises and fall bigger, be controlled easily by affective with the influence, arise thereby to some kind of product love to bring about desire to buy to look, they often can pass direct feeling and perhaps serve to some kind of product form a preference, because of its name, exterior, pack or serve and cause impulse, an ad saying at that time, a few of the salesperson close effect that explain to make woman customer very easily temporary forget a product and generation buys impulse.

Can representing this relatively is in order to consume the example of the characteristic by the family name is too busy 7 days beautiful flour film, when this product just is rolled out, held the mentality of woman customer adequately, no matter be from advertisement originality, still be a product on final sale, clingy female is consumed group psychological demand, through engrafting to consumer " 7 days of beautiful Bai Xin return true love " concept, make consumer believed on one hand by the family name is too busy 7 days beautiful flour film can have beautiful white effect certainly, and 7 days get effective, on the other hand more important is, advertising publishs those who make consumer general to mix the United States in vain search a true love to be united in wedlock together, let them feel, used this product, true perhaps love can turn round. Although aroused a few controversy,this series advertisement is in on the market at that time, but the effect that it forms also is clearly, somebody because look,cross advertisement even, can enquire to the salesperson oneself think rapid beauty is white directly, find a true love, use by family name film of 7 days of beautiful flour is useful, want 7 days to be able to come back in vain only really wait for this kind of problem. This shows, in process of female spending behavior, contain clear emotional color, in view of distinctive consumption fixed position of the female, in its consumption process, often inevitable occurrence from numerous psychology, other of blind follow the lead of, echo what other says, the blame reason that caused consumptive behaviour develops, this is feature of consumption of sex of a kind of infection. Female desire to buy hopes to suffer direct move to become aware the impact is big, because emotional element arises,buy deed easily.
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