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The product has a good name, sale need not expend idea

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Which tall person puts forward also do not know, say economy is attention economy, eyeball economy now, sale should contend for the person's eyeball namely, draw the family's attention. This topic, the hip on the horse, then, the member that blundering heart makes the alleged sale organizer that content with superficial understanding acted immediately. The work of the good and bad are intermingled is born again and again:

"Cannot again low... " picture the bosom of a woman, that is low tick off a man's infinite ambiguous woman angrily to the corsage of acme abhor. Resemble extremely the affectation of the prostitute in screen. This is the advertisement of an estate business, the meaning below character, house price cannot again low, again low be about to be finished, no less than that corsage cannot again low, again low be about to be swept to fizzle out.

"Discharge stops " , this antidiarrheal renown the can let wife Gong Xing give a wall Xie Ting that rise sharp edge haematemesis 3 litres, drive a crane go on the west.

"In the center of " it is the name that an industry has for condom unexpectedly.

Be arrogant! Niu Ren! Resemble the woodenhead like the ox!

The name of these a few mere eyeball that deprive a person and ad saying are seemingly successful, the accomplishment with dilettante machinator of the backside after also be being exposed however and ignorant and dauntless culture inside information.

The eyeball economy of sale is not to let others noticed to go only, the key still can buy your account book. Lotus elder sister can seize person eyeball quite however, do you agree to marry her? Anyway if I, beat dead I am not dry also.

Eyeball economy must begin from saying of name, ad of course, next repass advertising combination is released, transmission will model a brand the figure in consumer heart.

That we for the thing that says a name.

Having a name is a big thing. We begins to speak of from the person's name first.

"Dog child, iron egg, 3, 2 Ni " , these it is kind that backside is showing a name. Kind two words very show an issue, mean above all easy by beside the person is accepted. Once these names are in dog child became head of a county, officer, it is mayor even later, basic not quite dare somebody travelled again, positive effect also appears finite.

"Wang Chaoying, plum drive beautiful, Zhang Yue to enter, Zhao Weigong " , these names are full of the times characteristic at that time, have the aid of the big thing that place of the circumstance at that time, person all knows, meet so can remember for the person. This is a concept that accompanies memory.

"Chen Gang is unripe " this name listens to appearing a kind of agrestic breath, and incognito for " into dragon " , that differred, from " harbor is unripe " small whelp became " dragon " . Already atmosphere, faint also the growing step that discloses a backside. Long Ge's name spreads everywhere to the four seas, and " harbor is unripe " this name became great master of at one's leisure talk endowment just.
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