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If why Chinese enterprise protects intellectual property in Europe

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Chinese enterprise is in those who extend European market touch for a short while went up serious intellectual property obstacle. From before oneself are dinkum tort person the identity transforms by tort person, the decay of Chinese enterprise makes European competitor only then makings not as good as. Face formidable European native land rival, we need to build line of business of a state-owend enterprise in agreeing with according to European law and commercial environment compose, from grab a beach to land the intellectual property strategy that pitch a camp.

Passing lawsuit to protect intellectual property is most China enterprise when encountering tort case consistent but practice. Such passive situation often worsens because of expatiatory, trival, costly proceeding, manage what affect a business badly even normally with the program. Far-sighted success enterprise often plans through anticipating, urgent early-warning and hit out actively the intellectual property that waits for comprehensive strategy to be his escorts the Emperor convoy, and property right effectively translate into income.

Current, be modelled on to become more astute with pilfer edition with fast, turn over what pilfer edition system must raise him at any time to answer ability. The wisdom content that we must oppose pilfer edition system through promotion and should prevent to speed or block up is sham be modelled on the product enters the market. We must join updated answering in the management of the enterprise strategy and skill, let all tricks have been exhausted of pilfer edition maker. Although do not have an enterprise to be able to accomplish complete ground to protect its intellectual property not to suffer,encroach, but can rise through a few measure sham the cost with pilfer edition and risk, the barrier is set for its in different link, make its profitless thereby, the person that force pilfer edition is before high risk and high cost shrink back from difficulties.

Successful company is intellectual property enroach on is on guard Yu Weiran. Such strategy must be had durative, and prop up each other form to be turned over formidably make plan. Can go up in the foundation that prevents actively, agile ground uses all sorts of measure combination, the key that is get the upper hand of, narrow in order to accomplish from fountainhead pilfer edition person economy and legal vivosphere, prevent pilfer edition to enter the market from current link, the harm that brings from product of edition of pilfer of market redound admiral falls lowest, finally again from execute the law on edition of pilfer of encircle and suppress person.

Fundamental strategy

The strategy of the edition that turn over pilfer of effective needs to build the base in company actual condition and company goal over, undertake optimizing configuration to limited natural resources. Strategy of the well-advised edition that turn over pilfer can narrow effectively on one hand pilfer edition person vivosphere, on the other hand criterion utmost ground reduces obligee potential be atttacked to nod. The intellectual property risk that face wants in Europe to drop Chinese company, the traditional processing means of Chinese type must undertake those who change accommodative European market mainland adjust. Must want to use strategy of omnibus integral intellectual property to replace the sort of initiative, messy, the brash resistance of body of version of pilfer of with a view to acts. Of course, such strategy needs strong adviser to analyse the job already, also need to have the assurance of company actual strength.
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