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How is monitoring mixed evaluate network sale

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Compare with traditional media photograph, the beautiful place of network sale is evaluated with respect to what depend on the effect can allow more in the round, in time with essence of life. In the specific environment of Chinese Internet, how collect and should analyse data, reasonable evaluation Where is the effect of Campaign of sale of a network?

Generally speaking, we pay close attention to 3 data -- impressional Impression, click Click, change Conversion.

It is Impression above all -- impression. Theoretic, the advertisement on behalf of you exhibits Impression to suffer now numerous the frequency before, this number often must come by 3 channel -- media or advertisement him representative tells you; Media or ad firm asks tripartite company to tell you; You give tripartite platform advertisement data, mere read replace a code to give medium, tripartite platform gives you the report finally.

The first kind of method can not be worth completely to trust, media data often contains moisture content, big door may be a bit good, medium or small the data of the portal can be disregarded almost completely; The 2nd kind of data looks juster, but also may not is reliable; The 3rd kind, data also may not essence is accurate (issue advertisement than the line nevertheless or want better) , above all your advertisement was read to be taken was not seen on behalf of it (for example it is in the 2nd screen, and the reader did not turn over page) , next, your advertisement was read to be taken, the position that does not appear in you to hope to appear really on behalf of it (if want cogged word, can read the advertisement) that takes you automatically completely with the program.

Say so, in Chinese Internet, impression this data can consult the gender is not tall (of course, if your purpose is pure brand conduct propaganda, big website and the data that tripartite provides still can put the) that goes in final report, need not too really, real effect still must see Click and Conversion.

What is Click? Theoretic those who point to is the advertisement that how many person clicked you. Common monitoring method is: Installation WebAnalytics serves (for example OmnitureWebsideStory, free GoogleAnalytics, or oneself develop a) , give the network address of oneself Landingpage code next, encode hind gives medium again, media is attacked a bit every time come over to be able to be recorded to come down respectively. E.g. , I should publicize Www.MarsOpinion.com(my rich guest, the metropolis in later development is example) with it, bought ad in sina and QQ, so, can I let the advertisement of sina link Http://www.marsopinion.com/index.php? CMP=SinaBanner, and does the advertisement catenary of QQ receive Http://www.marsopinion.com/index.php? CMP=QQTextLink, such tiring-room programs are met automatic basis of CMP parameter different, calculate entered discharge respectively sina and QQ on two Campaign.

But actually, the issue will be more complex, basically of domestic Internet click cogged dispute constant general issue. Click can make a holiday completely not just (the process is clicked automatically, or person pork clicks) , and can more concealment the ground " go to true " (replace with rubbish discharge -- what for instance you buy is car channel, but actually your advertisement appears in adult channel) at the same time. With respect to the experience previously character, it is OK even that the holiday is clicked more than true click tens of of times.
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