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The network shoves a hand: Whose earnest wish to make?

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Er Mayina, a life is in big hill of Sichuan manage county, still not the muddled girl that fade uses up blush egg, at that time only hundreds of villagers know her, and she is right outside hill more the girl of the Qiang nationality of utterly ignorant, answered September this year however Hollywood invites, the movie that attends the United States to attend to act the leading role by her " the wedding of Er Ma " exhibit mirror.

Giant star of Hollywood, red carpet, international, wrap up is in the magnesium light lamp beside, all these, perhaps be in 20 years old before still in the dream of girl of live a secluded life, stand aloof from the worldly affairs have not has appeared. Important is, as an ordinary girl, perhaps she is bit more beautiful than the girl with the village, but she never has had any opportunities that step into artistic hall, even if major of a day trains,had not sufferred, did not phonate exercise, directive without the performance, also groom without dancing, although her name is translated into Chinese,be called beautiful and mysterious " dance of the Qiang nationality person " . Possible even she still transplanted rice seedlings in the ground yesterday, but these successes that cannot hold back her. Because she is on the net,be called by people a beauty little sister.

These year come, we witnessed too much and laic success: Lotus elder sister, Mu Zimei, slaved girl in Feburary, hind abandon the boy, most belle booking clerk, most belle cleaner, we define these people with laic angle for the moment " successful " , become famous, bring income next, more perhaps opportunity. But what can discover is, their success is not only because of accidental element, still have plan of inevitable behind the curtain.

The success that resembles the skyline in form of lotus elder sister is same (volume of the user inside short time rises one times, attract) of 5 million venture capital investment, brooch changes the exchange in villatic process article, most the long abundant car of belle cleaner backside, in Lan Dong quarrelling sound gradually igneous WoYo, head with farther-in-law of be apt to " 70 hind " , " 80 hind " call each other names " recreational portal " the cat attacks, the backside with network bright a favourite by sb in power is full of what hype of website discharge, product, saliva travels to trade. Previously a network " master " right " a favourite by sb in power " give a definition say: "Run in commerce in, the life of network a favourite by sb in power is brief necessarily " , "The current situation makes a person, commerce makes a star " the rule inevitable in the domain of this 0 doorsills more reality and cruelty, and the company that lends this to become famous, no matter will be recognition henceforth by be being returned deridingly, in this period, perhaps a certain number of after year, meet a batch of person that becomes testimony history.

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