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New media trend? Link patent interactive sale

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Because answer the demand with increasingly multivariate market, a lot of media are corresponding and unripe, numerous medium of burgeoning digital media, cent and already broad planar media and TV medium wait, hope of all without exception can be offerred more breakthrough tradition, interactive sex the taller, sale gimmick that can show itself more, gain the attention of client and consumer. New media makes inevitable trend, how be in traditional sale thinking and inertial mode, infuse is full of erupt the innovation element of sexual energy, show disparate amazed gain, win in the media war that blots out the sky and cover up the earth at this first machine, also make each ad advocate the focus of attention.

In careful choice media while, the client puts the viewpoint of attention gradually how natural resources of can significant integrated and all investment, achieve highest beneficial result thereby, optimal anticipates is to pass one quick integrated sale to serve, can string benefit of mobile focusing, brand, interactive effect, exciting sale successfully, obtain essence of life to follow a customer even group data-base. String the efficiency with bit righter place comprehensive sex gain profit, there is a jumped-up force a few years this to rising abruptly quickly on the market -- Shanghai cruel much sale is engineered (QooDoNewMedia) is carrying tool of multinomial and patent marketing, afterwards creats after Han of Euramerican, day and about a hundred successful case such as ink pad, today Yu Zheng type enters China end of the year, show the intentional heart of new media and glamour actively.

Additional of kind of thinking quantify benefit

"Cruel is much " group and American GCG group are common operation Asia-Pacific market, the client include 3C of the service, finance, day changes drink of product, food, website, media and recreation all sorts of industries. Can have not at company of marketing of general public relations, only dedicated the service category at specific domain, basically be to have from tools of some exclusive and patent marketing. Lie between a gender to be a foundation with unique section of the market, "Cruel is much " series product -- cruel appears card, cruel drop is happy, magic stick, the mobile Decoder of chameleon, 3Ddecoder and integrated and mobile media multinomial already obtained domestic patent tool, not only novel, interactive, more absorbing is: The sale benefit of each link can be quantified! This nods an advantage, resolved the worry of people of a lot of be on sale greatly, the budget also can be spent eventually go up in edge.

In the numerous case with much cruel, they had comparatived practised and all markets such as numerous medium of neatly integrated TV, film, mobile telephone, cent, newspaper, magazine already some various media, have alleged " new media " idiosyncratic. The brand benefit that at the same time they emphasize client place taking seriously more, stream gathers, sale of member collect, experience, exciting sale multivariate of sale purpose reach. With TOYOTAYaris appear on the market the activity is exemple, cruel locks up the shadow city that interlinks surely and money-locker KTV for TOYOTA more, hold cruel to block pair of award activities fully, show the form of card through buying ticket or carol to obtain cruel namely, attack essence of life to follow a customer continuously group; Operate screen of the film inside shadow hall novelly to be opposite to the order programme inside award and KTV box at the same time award, make consumer active participate in, airtight type space is man-to-man communication height focusing, not only complete transmit new car information, the basis watchs shadow person-time or dibble seeding frequency still can quantify wide announce effect effectively! Consumer is arisen to feel without commutable deepness impression and self-identity in this process, let this archives activity be in of Taiwan " advertisement ADM " also be honoured to be chosen to be in the magazine 2006 one of case of 10 gale cloud, and Yaris also is become the car of Taiwan sold champion in December 2006. Cruel is much newer the operation gimmick of media, break through pure advertisement effect and collaboration of activity of channel of different course of study, however aggrandizement is interactive the effect, produce both and effective tie effect of the biggest put together.
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