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Category poor dissimilation just is sale edge tool

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I hold to a viewpoint all the time: The excellent gest of product sale is category poor dissimilation.

Others is an apple, you are about to do pear, pear is much also later, you do malic pear, anyhow, want to be broken through on the category.

Such, product ability gains the greatest opportunity with the smallest investment.

I discuss a case here:

Bao Jie is shampoo industry all the time in gigantic without bully. In time of 10 years, with nutrition, complaisant, go the Bao Jie that bits is a delegate 3 swordsman Pan Ting, wave silk of soft, Hai Fei almost forestall the absolutely portion of Chinese shampoo market. Be known as shampoo bound " 3 big hill " . The promising young person wants to develop somewhat in shampoo domain become unusually difficult. See light again hard in the shadow of incomplete asthma Yu Baojie all day. Plus " Shu Lei " , " wind shadow " , " Xia Shilian " , " force person " , " the flower is sweet " wait army group of the 2nd a group of people of same interest a moment more let a lot of enter shampoo brand newly to be broken through hard.

At that time Xi'an Yang Sen however against the wind and row, reduce market of shampoo of competitive close windtight. Roll out a product " collect happy " .

Collect happy " give mountain " during, country goes bits shampoo market is quite mature already, from the product appeal to beg a dot to look, appear to already can be gotten without aperture.

And Xi'an Yang Sen produces " collect happy " started a class however -- scurf specific, at the beginning of appearing on the market cut the market smoothly, sale rank rank rise, one branch alone beautiful.

"Collect happy " breach is to treat a disease. Its success basically comes from at product originality, come to shampoo sell when medicine, in the meantime, the try to be unique sale channel that is based on this " each are big drugstore has carry out " those who came true to sell a site is strong prop up.

And, collect Le Zaixuan to be passed also did a few small intrigue, claim " scurf is by the fungus on scalp excessive breed is caused, cleared scurf should exterminate fungus; Common wash hair can wash hair above bits only, our method, exterminate the fungus on the hair, use 8 times, really right essential. "

Go scurf specific, formidable competitor cannot be found in drug industry, in the domain in shampoo more be like like entering an place without anyone! Collect happy found a wonderful market blank belt, taste character with be being produced distinctly, successful ground is occupational the market.

Collect happy appeal to with distinctive product function sex beg, effectively captured the psychological demand of target consumer, make consumer wants to solve when scurf is essential, forgot to go bits shampoo, remembered " collect happy " . Initiated a successful category originality thereby.

Contrary the clear raise shampoo that you see combine benefit China to roll out now, same conduct propaganda goes bits. But you saw it spend how old strength, ask small S and Korea star Rain, high density spends wanton and indiscriminate bombing, be bungled just now piece today this effect.
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