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Begin successfully concessionary 7 management measure

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Concessionary manage by famous futurology domestic Nai this bit is called " the dominant trade pattern of 21 centuries " . Concessionary manage can fashionable whole world, basically be the advantage on its system, make enterprise can the implementation of low cost, low risk is fast and outspread, be opposite at the same time for the person that join in can do poineering work through joining in concessionary management system invests successfully.

Concessionary although,run the time that enters our country just 10 old time, but development is rapid. According to Chinese chain management association newest statistic data makes clear, up to by December 2005, our country has owned 2320 concessionary management systems, it is the whole world has the state with concessionary management most system. Concessionary manage sending exhibition period at high-speed in China, had entered 50 many industries, and be in include material of electronic business affairs, production to more industries current, renewable resources reclaims wait for a domain to undertake osmotic. Already more and more enterprises realise concessionary management glamour place.

So how should be an enterprise begun concessionary manage? The author combines oneself to operation of nearly 10 years is carried out and manage advisory experience in concessionary management domain, begin the success concessionary manage decompose for 7 big move, this 7 strides are respectively suddenly:

The first pace: Concessionary management feasibility research

The 2nd pace: Concessionary management strategy plans

The 3rd pace: Concessionary design of mode of management sheet inn and abstraction

The 4th pace: Concessionary manage join in mode is designed

The 5th pace: Canal of concessionary management support accuses systematic design

The 6th pace: Concessionary management project is popularized

The 7th pace: Operation of concessionary management system

The first pace: Concessionary management feasibility research

Although concessionary managing is a kind of good management mode, make a lot of enterprises scored huge success. But, begin concessionary management need to have certain requirement, and concessionary the enterprise that managing is not you certainly is optimal management mode, and. Accordingly, as great decision-making, in begin concessionary before managing, must undertake feasibility considers to prove.

Feasibility research can divide will have proof for a few respects such as policy feasibility, market feasibility, technology feasibility, economy feasibility:

About policy feasibility, basically be enterprise and plan are begun concessionary whether does the project that manage accord with policy law to set. For instance, in begin concessionary management postulate side, department of Commerce issued on December 31, 2004 " commerce is concessionary management method " have specific provision, have crucially among them at 3 o'clock, it is the brand that must own other of license having right to use, firm is mixed the management resource such as management mode; 2 it is to have to by concessionary person (join in business) offer manage for a long time coach and groom the ability of the service; 3 it is to ask to own at least two straight battalion store that run a year of above in Chinese churchyard or the straight battalion store that its subsidiary, holding company builds.
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