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What successful sale leans is commerce a mind which perceives both past and futu

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Philippine the shrimp that a kind of male and female is the same as acupuncture point, its live the feature is very bizarre. One prawn from a child was gotten from inside having unoccupied place rock, wait for after be brought up, also cannot get out from inside rift again, then in pairs spends lifetime in all to be in rift, take the course of life, and become airing " mummy " .

This kind of thing is in Philippine can be found everywhere, people inspects for common shrimp, consider its economy value without the person at all. But a Japanese businessman has commercial eye alone however. He thinks, if plant this " from one and eventually " shrimp development is knot wedding to taste, certain very popular. Give the commercial value of this kind of shrimp roe for mining, japanese businessman rose to it above all " grow old together with acupuncture point " this listens the name that will combine popular feeling idea.

Result, this kind of shrimp enters valence to want 1 dollar only from Philippine entrance, and be as high as 3000 yen however in the price on Japanese market. People go after sth like a flock of ducks, contend for photograph scare buying.

This kind of shrimp is not the shrimp on common sense any more, meet husband and wife bring happy indication however, this kind of gift is novel at the same time ingenious, satisfied people to beg the psychology that seeks other newly.

This is the case of typical successful sale. Dot " shrimp " also can become gold.

Get together cure hall regards China as soup of the first medicinal food, choice hospital serves as the market, also have commercial eye quite. This is the distinct advantage because of hospital market:

The first, the patient has strong demand:

Ill life ill be in hospital, because accepted all sorts of treatment, the body is in deficit condition, eat fluidity semifluid food aptly. And the soup a thick soup that cooks by certain and specific data is suiting a patient to take, the soup a thick soup that cooks by certain and specific data at the same time still has the effect that cooperates a patient to assist cure.

The 2nd, medicinal food soup has long-term history, consumer is very recipient.

The nutrient position of soup a thick soup is confirmed in compatriots heart, and the action of dietotherapy health care of soup also is very apparent, be accepted extensively by people. Medicine fills be inferior to feeding fill, different Shang Dou has different sanitarian function, soup a thick soup is opposite the patient during be in hospital has good health care and nutrient complement effect.

The 3rd, the person that buys medicinal food boiling water and the person that consume medicinal food boiling water are apart, family can be bought gladly, in order to express from already care, they won't care price issue too.

The 4th, market of give sb a present, be in China is very big.

Sheet points to the market of give sb a present that treats a patient here. Average person give sb a present can buy gift in the supermarket, and the gift that the alternative can offer in the supermarket is very finite, can rise to take the effect that fill or assists cure to the patient very god-given give the answer. Product of soup a thick soup has the product development of specific aim, the soup a thick soup with different to different patient development qualitative capable person, emphasize product nutrition be opposite of the specific aim of patient patient's condition into filling action, it is a very recipient concept. Such, the product of the company can be used necessarily " the first " a market with effect very big race to control, fill the blank of this market.
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