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With 100 kinds different attitude deals with them

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If you have 100 clients, you should meet 100 different face, with 100 kinds different attitude deals with them, so your working elephant is expeditionary with research, you should try to get 100 the individual's give one's word. Accordingly, make the job goes to the lavatory to want to make friend with each clients above all, or the friend that lowermost limit becomes business to go up. You can know your client more, your job easier. To go to the lavatory we know the client of different disposition, we divide them 7 kinds big: 

(1) average client -- it is you this kind about of all clients 60% or 70, they are not kittle, although they are a bit subjective, but very cordial however. They love a decision, like to express an opinion. We answer much please they, serve for them more, before long, he will become your the first client. 

(2) actuation client -- this kind of person is very common, their mind is quick, energetic. So you are contacted not hard with them, want you to use the speech of polite courtesy only, they can welcome you certainly, in the meantime, your conversation wants correct, absolutely explicit, because he is extremely frank person. 

(3) the client that invites me to consider -- he needs probably and other person is discussed, just can make a decision, accordingly, you must want to have patience, to them a few time are mixed convenient, probably you can raise a few questions to him, for example: "Do you want to lose the chance that competes with other chemist's shop? " your offer to be able to help him leave a decision, if like that he or not give one's word, you can examine minutely a reason, in the meantime, can mix more he is detailed have a good, he meets what surrender to you certainly finally.

(4) proud client -- to this kind of client, you want special caution, he is conceited, sensitive and very subjective. Do not argue with him, everything should be obedient to he, to his opinion, opinion on public affairs, indicate approval as far as possible, such, probably you can be easy mix business of his make it. 

(5) affable client -- he likes compose a quarrel to hear joke very much, he is good at have a good, very affable. But you must not think he is to trade easily, contrary, he is most kittle a kind. You should let him talk, do not hit him, one have an opportunity, be about to turn the topic to business side, do not want to loosen, finally, you should use critical question, make he cannot refuse. For example: "You want 5 case our medicines and chemical reagents or of short duration want 1 case, is in an attempt to safe? " 

(6) inflexible client -- he is most kittle a kind, promote to him, seeming is devoid hope, make person energy of life angry even sometimes. He can look at you agape to talk, be without reaction, make you feel disappointed. Only method, use an opportunity namely, give him personal experience, after combining his taste, probably the client that he can become you. 

(7) cloddish client -- a lot of sales are represented special fear and his connect, because his conduct behavior is very rude, his verbal meeting makes you feel not quite comfortable, but you do not shrink back because of this, because his cloddish meeting frightened someone else, this is your opportunity, you are probable big business of make it brushstroke, the results that gets expect is less than. However, with him do not argue with him when have a good, you should try to bring back him on the business, want to handle his rude behavior and conversation, your this expression is some more natural, do not make fun of his ignorance, in the meantime, talk about the business with him, want special discretion. Although cloddish client is cloddish, but also pay attention to an interest very much, we should hold reason his weakness, attack to him, such, can success will come when conditions are ripe. 
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