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A variety of bottled water have the beauty poisonous chemical material exceeds b

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According to los angeles of Xinhua News Agency on October 15 report (the reporter is downy) organization of an environmental protection of American said a few days ago, in the United States discover a variety of poisonous and chemical material exceed bid in the bottled water of 10 brands.

Headquarters is located in California Oakland city " environmental working group is knitted " publish announcement to say, in the bottled water of 10 brands that in California supermarket of Ma of a few fertile Er sells, contain include 38 kinds of poisonous and chemical material such as 3 bittern firedamp and chloride by-product, the content of these material exceeded the relative standard of California and industry of completely beautiful drinking water greatly.

"Environmental working group is knitted " still express to will sue Wo Erma company, charge the bottled water that its sell poisonous and chemical material to exceed bid below client unwitting circumstance.

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