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Beautiful cheap beautiful supermarket is pointed to to sell pinchbeck crab custo

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Beautiful Lian Meiyi inn is pointed to to sell pinchbeck crab

The phone preventing bogus that appoints with association of crab of in relief settleclear lake nots agree with

Disappear assist the consumer after intervening wins pair of times compensation

Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Wei China) yesterday morning at 9 o'clock, tall gentleman comes to beautiful Lian Meichao the crab of in relief settleclear lake that city was in charge of village store to buy 408 yuan, but the phone preventing bogus of the phone preventing bogus on crab leg and crab of in relief settleclear lake nots agree with. Tall gentleman arrives subsequently double bridge disappear assist complain beautiful cheap beauty to be in charge of village store to sell false crab. Final, tall gentleman takes 900 multivariate compensation.

Tall gentleman says, he came to 68 yuan to this inn choose 6 pairs yesterday morning a pair " crab of Yang Cheng lake " preparation sends a person. After he is carrying crab to come home, be thought by the friend these crab are not place of Yang Cheng lake to produce however. He begins to dial the telephone preventing bogus of the line out on crab leg then, but hit get through of ten minutes of several ability, when the other side asks he offers the encode of the crab, he discovers again, the encode in the label that prevent bogus already was rotted by bubble, be over to cannot discern completely.

Tall gentleman returns beautiful cheap beauty to run village store subsequently, but the manufacturer delegate of the crab inside supermarket and this inn all is denied those who sell is fake. The Huatang that tall gentleman comes to near subsequently and Yi Chulian spend a supermarket, every inn bought crab of an in relief settleclear lake to undertake comparing is opposite. Midday at 12 o'clock, he is in of the friend accompany below, carrying crab to come to double bridge industrial and commercial place, to disappear assist complain. But controlled partly at 4 o'clock till yesterday afternoon, professing is beautiful cheap beauty the staff member of the unit that offer money of a man that inn tubal a place of business represents and this inn crab just appears.

Yesterday afternoon 4:45, the reporter is in double bridge is industrial and commercial place disappear assist saw inside the office be pointed to pinchbeck crab. Among them the label preventing bogus of many crab already was issued by fade, in the label that is opened, should write the paper that has the number that prevent bogus to already was gotten to become white by bleb originally, read not clear code. In the meantime, the phone preventing bogus of these crabs is " 400 " begin, and additional two buy the phone that spends the label preventing bogus of He Huatang's crab from Yi Chulian to all be " 116 " begin.

Double bridge disappear assist relevant chief says, they are in receive after complaining, crab of as settleclear as Suzhou city this world lake assist acquired connection, the telephone call preventing bogus that confirms crab of in relief settleclear lake is " 116 " begin. When reporter and this association are contacted, this association also holds this view. This chief says, disappear assist already informed this unit that offer money carries the certificate such as bill of replenish onr's stock to head for disappear again now assist, "All circumstances need to wait for investigation rear can affirmatory " .
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