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Catch send kind of cosmetic nearly two into unqualified

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In report acquired new Zhejiang network on September 16 hair agent is a citizen product of commonly used hairdressing, but does the items on market catch reach a standard of hair product quality variously? The near future, carry on promoted door of town Ministry of Public Health to be begun in the round in whole town to beautifying hair hairdressing place catchs the spot check that sends kind of cosmetic. Whole town selectived examination in all 43 beautify hair hairdressing place, sampling observation is caught send apperception makeup to taste 86, to its label label, manual undertook supervisory checking, discovery is eligible 69, percent of pass 80.23% .

According to city sanitation supervisory place concerns personage introduction, main show is unqualified product: ? of annulus of move of ず of leg of  of  of the ⒊ that visit  did not tag; of manufacturing date, expiration period to risk without Chinese label; with the special cosmetic that already gained approval article mark lot number; does not have special purpose cosmetic card number; forges special purpose cosmetic card number. To the product of existence problem, execute the law personnel all puts forward to supervise examination opinion; at the same time, serious to violating act undertook put on record is investigated lawfully, capture illegal product 41 kilograms, value 4000 yuan, confiscate illegal earning 2600 yuan, give corresponding fine.

Through supervising an examination to catching those who send kind of cosmetic, concerned personage thinks the our city beautifies hair hairdressing place uses catch send kind of cosmetic to still be put in many problems, in cosmetic in superintending, be one is worth to cause attention domain. To this, city sanitation supervises a concerned personage to express, will increase sanitation to supervise further henceforth execute the law strength, the health of cogent safeguard consumer.

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