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Fujian waters machine market 7 unqualified

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Dispatch of new wall bulletin (reporter Wu Yuan) on September 10, fujian Province Consumer's Committee releases consumptive caution, 7 water machine be detected to go out in Fuzhou inside bravery store heavy metal of material of water can without lid exceeds bid. Reporter discovery, among them 5 are bead the enterprise of trigonometry area. Door of Guangzhou The Ministry of Commerce and Industry expresses, the product that be the same as a paragraph was not detected to give quality issue in Guangdong.

A few days ago, the Fujian Province industrial and commercial bureau waters to Fujian machine market has special inspection, in Fuzhou area 7 water machine be detected to go out unqualified, among them 5 manufacturing company is Guangdong enterprise, fosan 2, zhongshan 3.

As we have learned, industrial and commercial bureau already instructed the Fujian Province lawfully next wearing unqualified water machine, ask company recall has the merchandise of the problem. 7 unqualified water the mainest problem of plane existence is: Water the bravery inside machine store arrange of material of water can without lid changes target unqualified. Dissolve of the meeting in such use processes gives the heavy metal substance such as lead, chromic, nickel, long-term and drinkable likelihood causes neurological damage. Additional, unqualified water machine the safe hidden trouble that returns existence power input and deviation of rated power input to provide a value more than, and mark and specification are unqualified wait for a problem.

As we have learned, treasure of Fosan city power benefit limited company of electric home appliances

The treasure of power benefit of city of manufacturing unit Fosan that the reporter connected this problem product limited company of electric home appliances

The limited company of electric equipment of Le Shi of Fosan town home that produces an unit for problem product together, the attitude that faces medium is relatively negative. The reporter contacts this company relevant controller several times, be informed chief goes out. The reporter wants chief phone to ask of this company staff, be informed unexpectedly " the phone that we do not have him " .

The reporter saves a Consumer's Committee to understand from Guangdong, relevant product the corresponding period was not detected to give quality issue in Guangdong area. If consumer bought the product of as same as problem product batch, can ask manufacturer and agency return money, if the businessman rejects to return money, can contact 12315 information desk of local or the Consumer's Committee is complained.
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