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Scour is become known water formerly

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Have those who be in charge of driving, have those who be in charge of promoting, have make technically pack, also somebody makes after service technically.

One deceive people come to promote, it is certain to also was formed actually " industrial catenary " .

Yesterday 10 when make 30 minutes, on street of north of green river of duck of Shenyang city Yu Hong district, ms. Liu of inn of serve a meal is taking a small water, writing from " scour " blue squeezes the thing that gives a white to be put into water inside bag bagging, "This where is scour, arriving in water is the sort of become known water that the house blows become known. " Ms. Liu says.

Ms. Liu says, on September 20, 3 people are driving gray minibus, "Two come in femaly promote, the scour that says them is high-tech product, demonstrate to me again how how good with, then she bought 4 box much scour, spent near 300 money.

But after 3 people went, ms. Liu just discovers gave an issue, "In water a bit bubble, feel is done not have, be in the place with much oil loiter is not moved, can use far from. " the family of Ms. Liu dials product outer packing the phone on bag, but the other side claims not to know to go however these a few people of deliver goods, want to be looked up again.

The reporter sees, "Scour " mention expressly on outer packing manufacturer home is " Cheng Xing day converts a plant " , stay an area size is the telephone number of 0431.

Yesterday afternoon, the manufacturer telephone that the reporter dialed this scour to wrap mount place to stay with planning to withdraw the consumer status of goods, a king that professing is this factory controller surnames a man to weigh Shenyang here without point of sales.

To why be being met somebody is being taken indicate the scour of their yard product comes to promote, this controller expresses, they are only external wholesale the packing bag that contains manufacturer and telephone call.

The reporter investigates understanding to arrive further, although come to promote scour to arrive from the outer packing that make,promote, after service person specially assigned for a task is in charge of, but it is the person that comes to promote not only specific identity is unidentified, the manufacturer that has even this clear address and telephone call also is fictitiousing zero.

Reporter from the Changchun City industrial and commercial bureau understands yesterday, it is without the name at all " Cheng Xing day converts a plant " the unit undertakes registering in door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

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