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Consumer is in Beijing boreal celestial bodies shopping centers 240 thousand red

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In what normal bazaar spends 240 thousand yuan to buy labor person watch is not former factory production actually. For this, mr Wang tells bazaar the court, claim for compensation 671 thousand yuan. It is reported, sunny court already accepted this proposal, try open a court session of choose an auspicious day.

Mr Wang is sued say, in November 1995, he the labor that to boreal celestial bodies shopping centers flower bought a Switzerland 240 thousand yuan to produce person watch, of the true bogus of test and verify that got corresponding bill and Switzerland produce certificate and qualitative check branch to issue formerly examine report (Xerox) . Last year, discovery expresses Mr Wang to get speed, take labor person engage by special arrangement to maintain a dot then, did not think of maintenance nods a staff member to reject to maintain, reason is " this watch is not former plant to manufacture " .

Subsequently, mr Wang is taking a hand to express Chinese trade union quality of horological glasses commodity is supervised detect the center has identification, appraisal eventuate " watch of this labor person is not modelled on unspecifiedly to produce a country labor person watch " .

Then, mr Wang boreal day shopping centers is sued to the court, go back of demand the other side 240 thousand yuan of payment for goods, compensate for 240 thousand yuan at the same time, give Fu Li to cease 197 thousand yuan.

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