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Citizen shape accuses a Le Fu to sell inferior shoe to win pair of times compens

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New report of net of China cable industry bought 3 pairs of shoes in the supermarket, just put on a foot to give twist the base with respect to within an inch of before long. Citizen anger and tell the supermarket the court and won pair of times compensation.

Last year in September, mr Wu spends the citizen 107.7 yuan, in Le Fuchao of home of big make imperial palace for short stays away from the capital city bought 3 pairs of male shoes, after buying next shoe he gives a friend to wear the shoe because of disagreement foot. But the friend did not wear how to long give Mr Wu the shoe: "This what shoe? How had not worn with respect to within an inch of my foot sprain, quality is too poor. Quality is too poor..

Mr Wu looks, some local come unglued, some places are crooked, wore foot of apparent meeting sprain. "These 3 pairs of shoes ought to be rejected product. " he takes the shoe the friend that works in qualitative check place to look, the friend takes the shoe reached after the range estimation in the hand such conclusion. The supplier of shoe is Zhejiang article becomes foreign trade company, although consumer can counterpoise to this company dimension,Mr Wu feels, but from Nanjing too far, and the supermarket that he chose to find out carry out shoe will assume responsibility.

But the answer that supermarket of domestic happy blessing did not give him satisfaction. He told the supermarket court of district of incredible connecting with the boxing skill this year in July, with " con consumer " for ask pair of times compensation, undertake spirit is compensated for at the same time and apologize. Who knows to go up court, the supermarket just sends shoe toward qualitative check branch to have identification without the requirement, admitted shoe readily really " unqualified " . Recently, con consumer establishs the action that the supermarket holds after the court is tried, adjudicate the supermarket has pair of times compensation to Mr Wu. (origin: Contemporary wall bulletin)

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