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Guangdong shoe kind the product selectives examination to show as a result: Leat

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Sandal of leather shoes, skin, rubber-plastic poisonous and harmful material is contained in cool slipper, produce a harm to human body health. The 120 batch shoe that Guangdong saved qualitative inspect bureau to produce a field to 11 areas such as door of Guangzhou, river recently kind (sandal of leather shoes, skin, rubber-plastic cool slipper) the product undertakes quality is supervised selective examination discovery, partial shoe kind formaldehyde and ban exceed bid with azo dyes.

Sampling batch percent of pass for 74.2% . Formaldehyde of 5 batch product exceeds bid. Among them, highest check gives a quantity to exceed national level 3.3 times. Expert analysis, causing unqualified main reason is the anticorrosive action as a result of formaldehyde. Leather manufactures the for peltry raw material anticorrosive protection in the process, solution of formaldehyde of certain pH indicator is added in peltry, if craft did not try to be controlled strictly, this may become skin of finished product fur to provide formaldehyde to exceed the main source of mark. Be in additionally whole make leather process possibly also other raw material is taken, for instance leather colored catchs the place in agent and process of finished product production to wait with adhesive; The quality management consciousness of supervisor of property of additional foreign enterprise is not strong, organize production not completely by product standard, these may be to cause a skin to have unqualified reason.

Additional, still have 5 batch product dye of dissoluble harmful and balmy amine (ban with azo dyes) unqualified. According to the requirement of GB 20400-2006, be not product of direct contact cutaneous its are dissoluble value of set limit to of dye of harmful and balmy amine is ≤ 30mg/kg, the discovery in examining, the dye of dissoluble harmful and balmy amine of some unqualified leather shoes is as high as 285mg/kg, exceed 9.5 times what set limit to is worth. As we have learned, after banning leather shoes of used azo dyes colored and human body skin to be contacted for a long time (although not be direct) , the composition that releases in meeting and metabolization process mixes and generation returns primary response to form the balmy amine compound that causes cancer, this kind of compound can be absorbed by human body, make through a series of activation action the DNA of human body cell produces the change of structure and function, become the inducement of human body pathological changes. Causing unqualified cause basically was to use dye of dissoluble harmful and balmy amine (ban with azo dyes) . " Chinese quality signs up for " reporter Shen Hong

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