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Formaldehyde of fixature of city of Guangzhou beautiful rich exceeds bid 214 tim

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Yesterday, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry sells sham Guangzhou native land brand inside city of beautiful to Guangzhou rich " open country " beautify hair the 9 business shop of the product undertakes investigating, execute the law personnel seals up for keeping on the spot hundreds sham hairdressing beautifies hair product. It is reported, have illegal member will industrial formaldehyde adulteration arrives in the product, the especially hard fixature that flows toward Guangxi is exceeded by fish formaldehyde content even national level 214 times.

The reporter follows yesterday execute the law the staff member comes to city of Guangzhou beautiful rich, inform against according to the enterprise, sham " open country " series product is mixed in mouth of these 16 archives. Execute the law personnel selectives examination among them 9 archives mouth, the result discovers its are sold " open country " series product is belonged to completely sham. Interesting is, these sham fixature also are stuck on outer packing have those who prevent laser " prevent bogus " label, the everything needed is ready such as bogus phone is prevented on the label.

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