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Group of food of Barney of Italian case Er is uncovered scandal of ford period c

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In electric Italy's main on October 15 cheese produces new network Prague and Barney of Er of export company division (Galbani) food group is disclosed to force employee new treatment and sale to expire product.

Italy " the republic signs up for " (La Repubblica)14 day reports, many employee of group of food of case Er Barney has submitted petition to the court, charge this company forces them to trade the product that has expired what forge newly to protect qualitative date to sell a customer next for years.

This year in July, " the republic signs up for " disclose Italy, England, Germany and Austria 40 big companies are in adulterating 11 thousand tons in two years in the past the excrement of mould, small bug, mice, bag that pack is plastic (8120, - 425, - 4.97% , ) the cheese resell that fragment and label inky corruption expire gives other 4 companies, mix into is mixed in fresh cheese to machine Mo Za lira (Gong Zunla of Er of Mozzarella) cheese, dagger (the product of Italian famous cate such as Gorgonzola) cheese and soft cheese flows to the market afresh.

Group of food of case Er Barney already was pulled to overcome Dalisiji by France 2006 round (Lactalis) annex, and Lakedalisi the group is so-called it is Europe's biggest milk and milk products enterprise and world the first cheese produces business.

Expired in July the France after cheese scandal happens pulls Kedalisi the group ever made a statement quickly, allege the product of group of its food of Barney of Er of Italian subsidiary division " the cheese that reports with media makes a method have nothing to do completely " .

Nevertheless the company admits Jiaerbani however at that time: "Our company once were concerned with this picket law case in the past, but since was pulled 2006 after the group buys Kedalisi, company already dead stop this kind of course of action. Company already dead stop this kind of course of action..

Italian food scandal is ceaseless in recent years, fame gets major blow. This year besides July expire besides cheese incident, ever pitted from the south March detect in the water milk that the area uses Paniyade at producing top grade to not plunge into lira cheese a carcinogen 2 evil flower, italian government is under European Union pressure the cheese of Mo Za lira that must decide recall homeland is produced. And carcinogenic substance is contained in discovering millions promotes wine again April. (Huang Pin)