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Little Swan "wisdom" to provide professional cleaning solutions for consumers

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Today, fully automatic washing machines to every family, its function more and more, consumers have a new washing machine water requirements, "What technology can make washing machines automatically and accurately determine the turbidity of water to achieve humane, Intelligent washing and rinsing, in order to achieve the purpose of saving water? " Little Swan Laundry experts to provide consumers with a user-friendly "Smart" solution, its unique full-time net state of ATC technology covers three washing technology, breaking the traditional laundry mode, each stage in the operation of the power of clothing Purification: "net state of the eye" system, through the light-sensitive detection technology, intelligent monitoring of water turbidity, precise control of rinsing times, so that rinsing process more efficient, more energy efficient; At the same time, with the "fog state net" system, using water mist, Deep clean clothing fibers to remove detergent residue, so that clothes cleaner and more healthy; combined wing elevator muscle, increase flexibility and economy of clothing, through both sides of the asymmetric distribution of rain-type contacts 36, so that washing is more evenly the net , to the right of the massage-type washing clothes, even if the face of complex multi-fold the clothes, but also to "wash through" every detail to ensure that clean clothes without even dead. Wash to achieve the ratio of up to 1.25 "just demanding" a breakthrough. In addition, Little Swan, the first in the country launched the "inclined to open the door" drum, and "half-way for buying new clothes, immediately open the door," the laundry functions; Little Swan Washing Machine national initiative dedicated base of human design, more user-friendly access to get clothing. From research into new product development, Little Swan has formed the basis of market demand based on a set of technology-driven products and brand competitiveness of benign operation system. Interpretation of the intelligent technology of the head. As people's living standards, high drum washing machine with its clean, wear clothes, water and energy saving advantages, increasingly recognized by domestic consumers, more and more enterprises begin to increase investment in drum washing machine market . As the earliest and most professional manufacturer of washing machine, Little Swan Washing Machine competition in the market in the years to build a high wash than innovation, user-friendly design, variable frequency drive technology, intelligent control technology such as the four core strengths, creating a a number of industry first, the high-end washing machine market in China continued to lead growth, to drive the industry to upgrade.
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