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Industry of international of the 2nd 2008 Shanghai is assembled with transmissio

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Industry of “2008 Shanghai international is assembled with transmission technology exhibition”Exhibiting meeting window is “ is assembled- - automation- - robot- - visual system -- content sheds ” , 10, 000M2 exhibits an area, will reveal assemble domain latest technology and newest development trend. Make technology and equipment and material exhibition ” and “ with car of “2008 Shanghai international the corresponding period of ” of exhibition of robot of industry of international of the 3rd Shanghai is held, exhibit the linkage effect of the meeting to be able to bring the professional audience of a large number of high quality to exhibit not only, also communicate the opportunity that communicates face-to-face with relevant industry client to exhibit business to bring, it is the international grand meeting that you not allow to miss.

In same time, same place, the assembly that gather car produces, detect, automation, content shedding, craft, material, component is made, carry expectant force, innovate in exhibit the innovation skill that the car finds to create each fields of production in the meeting and solution, do not go abroad the door can with the project technology that comes from the advanced car such as heart, beautiful, day, Han to produce power personnel communicates face-to-face!

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