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Exposition of things of hotel of international of Qingdao of the 9th 2008 China

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Showpiece time: 2008-6-5 comes 2008-5-7
Application ends: 2008-6-4
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: Home is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area: Shandong / Qingdao city
Specific address: Qingdao international exhibition center (road of mountain of century square seedling 9)
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: Cleanness and wash clothes equipment division —— washs the ground machine, polisher, machine that brush the ground, electron to hit bubble box, bibulous machine, blower, cleaner, ash-bin, dirt to push, machine of fluid of ground mat, cleaner, scour, black, dry skin implement, air is pure and fresh machine, unripe; Easy bad news of electric equipment of guest room things, form a complete set and —— of big things area is tasted, bamboo makes up craft, the head of a bed to control content of television of lamps and lanterns of system, guest room, hotel, phone, safe, jug, room to serve handleless cup of box of sprinkler of car, dining car, wine, luggage barrow, lamp, world, ; Clean of system of directive of hotel of supervisory system of software of series of hotel of —— of area of hotel intelligence system, hotel, LED, induction is provided, door lock of lock of magnetic card of feeling screen, intelligence, electron. Water of series of appliance of food of machine of coffee of —— of division of coffee and tea, food, coffee, coffee, tea service, tea, wine, Shang Pin;
Sponsor square: Chinese restaurant association
Shandong saves travel restaurant association

Undertake square:
Assist do square:
Exhibit meeting network address:
Exhibit meeting specification: Things of hotel of international of Qingdao of the 9th 2008 China is exhibited (2008CQIHE) move international exhibition center of division Shandong's largest Qingdao of the —— that exhibit a house. Of 2008CQIHE sponsorring an unit is orgnaization of the authority inside the industry more: Chinese restaurant association is the trade organization that Chinese hotel industry has force most, with world public house the organization has wide Fan Lian to fasten, regard a country as one class guild, having Shandong of; of unit of member of more than 9000 restaurant to save travel restaurant association is orgnaization of subordinate of bureau of Shandong province tourism, the member is main include the astral class public house that whole Shandong visits, guesthouse; Peaceful of rich of the Qingdao below limited company of exhibition of Guangdong rich prosperous and banner exhibits limited company to result of 8 the year's harvest holds the remarkable success that hotel things exhibits. Powerful powerful combination, hold to “ internationalization, specialization, the brand changes ” do extend pattern, 2008CQIHE will become the hotel things with Chinese the biggest north to exhibit: Set beforehand exhibit 800, exhibit an area 10 thousand 7000 square metre, predict to invite professional audience to attend a meeting 20000 person-time, the key invites a product to have “ the ginseng of outstanding brand enterprise of the characteristic such as energy-saving, environmental protection, intelligence, new-style ” is exhibited, implementation “ makes public house of green Olympic Games, reveal end of ” of brand enterprise elegant demeanour.
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