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Exposition of things of hotel of international of Qingdao of the 9th 2008 China

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Since 21 centuries, chinese economy lasts unifinication of whole world of battalion of already of high speed development, business, china already made the world country of purpose of the 5th big travel, make passenger source of Chinese hotel industry more rich. Breakthrough of expenditure of our country meal closed 880 billion yuan greatly 2007, hotel, meal, tourism is swift and violent develop, what drove hotel things market directly is active; Especially 2008 the drawing near of the Olympic Games, more brought new development opportunity to course of study of meal of our country hotel.

As the ceaseless development of Olympic Games economy, things of hotel of international of Qingdao of the 9th China is exhibited (2008CQIHE) regard Chinese hotel things as the domain cannot absent brand is exhibited greatly, make full use of advantageous market resource, capture development chance, comprehensive upgrade, the each hardware establishment that waits for an industry to promote Chinese hotel, meal, travel, recreation marchs toward international advanced level; Drive manufacturer of Chinese hotel things to move toward the world, to raise caique of 2008 Olympic Games contest recieves ability integratedly, make larger contribution.

The things of hotel of international of Qingdao of the 8th China that held in June 2007 is exhibited (2007CQIHE) showpiece the area exceeds 10000 square metre, exhibit 510, recieve in all come from major of area of and other places of home, Korea, Japan, Germany, southeast Asia to purchase business 13 thousand person-time, visiting business and major purchase business to feel generally to congress very satisfactory, predicting ginseng exhibits business to was joined again 2008 exhibit rate amount to 85 % above.

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