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French international packed industrial exhibition 2008

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Showpiece time: 2008-11-17 comes 2008-11-21
Application ends: 2008-11-16
Establish time:
Exhibit meeting object: Businessman
Exhibit meeting area: International is exhibited meeting
Exhibit meeting area:
Specific address: Dimension of Parisian north outskirt straps class exhibition
Showpiece industry:
Ginseng extend range: Area of division of area of package machine of product of area of package machine of things of the industrial product area that pack, food industry division that pack, hairdressing things area that pack, high-quality goods area, package machine area, hairdressing, liquid state, the data that pack, food package machine, presswork, label, division of form code machinery
Sponsor square: Love rich group

Undertake square:
Assist do square:
Exhibit meeting network address:
Exhibit meeting specification: Paris packs industry to exhibit the important exhibition that is the European industry that pack, internationally strong. On the exhibition 2006 it is mixed IPA 2008 (machinery of treatment of French international food is exhibited) in postponing business many times, have exceed a half to come from 46 countries beyond France. According to statistic, in 108, in 054 professional audiences, 38.4 % are international audience, have most probably the visiting course of study of above person have purchase right, undertake the spot is purchased directly. The gross area that exhibit a house exceeds 200, 000 square meter, use 6 big exhibition in all. Audience quality and amount promoted greatly ginseng extend the business overall evaluation to exhibition. According to was being investigated 2006, caller satisfaction is spent be as high as 93% , and the quality that exceeds the ginseng of 90% to exhibit manufacturer satisfaction caller, indication EMBALLAGE&IPA is provided most for the whole world internationally exhibit meeting. In the meantime, exhibition is new opened “ tide ” to exhibit an area, trend, new to the development of the industry product, innovation and invention undertake special conduct propaganda, to exhibiting business to understand the industry grows and new product of study new technology produces openly effect. Relevant statistic data? Saw a number 2006 for 108, 054 come from 56 countries respectively, 38.4% is abroad visiting personage, among them 82% have purchase 権 ; Member state of European Union of the division into districts that press the ground is occupied 77% , america area is occupied 3% , middle east area is occupied 5% , asian area is occupied 3% , african area is occupied 12% . ? Joined 2006 exhibit business to add up to 2, 200 come from 49 countries respectively, 53% postpone business for foreign ginseng, among them the national house such as Taiwan, Belgian, Brazil, Spain, Portuguese, Turkey all grows somewhat. ? Visiting buyer branch fastens: High-ranking administrator 30% , the branch is in charge of 26% , project handler 28% , personnel of technical research and development 16% .
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