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International of the 10th Shandong is warm, boiler and air conditioning technolo

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“ Shandong warms the brand that connects air conditioning to exhibit ” to had made a trade is exhibited meeting, its country influence and international character are in ceaseless promotion, calendar year comes, pause like Er of LG, Aokema, sea, Alisidu, rich Er, Smith, Huoniweier, Ervine holds Ai Ou in the palm, enough proves to exhibit the consequence of the meeting to expand ceaselessly, especially in “ heating of heat addition of international of the 8th Shandong, boiler reachs air conditioning technology and equipment exhibition ” to go up, many 320 enterprise that comes from 12 countries and area attended to exhibit meeting, in the meantime, we still were earned resemble Danish Denver this, Italy 100, Japanese Jing Gang makes 暘 of a retrievable arrow with a string attached to it of machine, London Germany of combination, ROTH heats up heart, Denmark oriental cherry of Bei Na tower, Japan is warm, Germany this Baoya is achieved wait for large quantities of new international, and they also can achieve place to anticipate through exhibiting show the result.

Support media: Does An return  of fatigue of ├ of   assorted to take?

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