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Investment of the 6th China did poineering work 2008 negotiate meeting (Beijing,

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Sole family status assist do: Sina net
Exhibit meeting function
Help domestic and international preeminent company (project) action business, financing; Orgnaization of help investor, investment invests option
Ginseng extend range
● is concessionary management enterprise
Meal food, retail (convenience inn, supermarket) , hairdressing fitness, Medical Protection, education grooms, articles for use of dress dress, building materials adornment, household, wash clothes wash catch, sound of car service, books resembles, fast Yin Chong imprints, house manager…
● brand brand shop enrols business
Dress monopolistic, cosmetic textile of monopolistic, family expenses monopolistic, sporting goods things of monopolistic, female health care of monopolistic, food tastes things of monopolistic, baby child gold jewelry is monopolistic, monopolistic, adorn taste monopolistic, computer and fittings software wrapping of monopolistic, box has monopolistic, other monopolistic (glasses, stationery,…
● area enrols business company
Enrol area agency or agent for brand product, new product
In ● little shtick project
Food of characteristic meal, special type monopolistic, characteristic is recreational culture, ethical act the role ofing is tasted, zoology travel ……
● patent technology (product)
Equipment of energy-saving environmental protection, building materials, industry, water the of all kinds and patent technology such as equipment, protective equipment, Medical Protection (product)
What ● has the financing, demand that enrol business is medium or small production, make and process a business
Food, dress / shoe cap / horological / glasses, daily expense chemical industry, electron / electric equipment, hardware / mould / metal, motivation / electric power / appearance of Electromechanical equipment, mechanical equipment, general component, instrument / furniture of pottery and porcelain of evade of weighing apparatus, Bo, wood / galley equipment, metallurgy…
The medium and small businesses that innovation of research and development of ● side overweight, technology and achievement change
Game is moved free reach enterprise of other culture originality, software and Internet technology to develop … of research and development of science and technology of product of development of food of technology of enterprise of research and development of product of communication of enterprise, electron, environmental protection, green, information, other enterprise…
● invests resource provider
Manufacturing facilities, workshop turns concessive collaboration; Brand, registered trade mark and other rights and interests are made over; The developing zone enrols business; Besmear of forest land, barren mountain, beach, laky reach other matter right to contract the … that rent…
Project of ● investment real-estate
Business spreads shop
Exhibit meeting conduct propaganda to reach the organization that buy the home
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