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Investment of the 6th China did poineering work 2008 negotiate meeting (Beijing,

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Strong advertisement publicizes: The strongest person enrages safeguard
Whole journey advertisement publicizes total value: 10 million yuan
" China runs a newspaper " : Exchange and oneself advertisement of 50 not less than layout only edition conduct propaganda
CCTV-2: Time of gold of famous brand column is covered broadcast ad, exhibit before the meeting 3 weeks to be amounted to 222 times
CCTV-7: Extend a month inside not less than 40
The combination of media of many 40 collaboration publicizes a report
Major buys an organization: Farther safeguard exhibits conference substantial results
Option of spot of investor of member of club of more than 100 thousand investment invests;
500 thousand invitation letter cast medium and small businesses continuously advocate, shop of office building, business and client of bank high end; In company of broker of catenary home estate 300 branches paste publicizes placard and view to exhibit seek advice;
Invest orgnaization, bank in the light of 5000, assure the invitation of company, fund is organized.
Exhibit meeting window activity
● “2008 10 provide ” of project of appeal poineering investment to choose most greatly
Mobile purpose: Popularize brand project, stimulative investor option invests
Participate an object: In little shtick project, concessionary join in project, the medium and small businesses that innovation of side overweight research and development, technology and achievement change, brand brand shop, patent technology
Mobile time: In December 2007 —2008 year in March. Chose eventually in April 2007 judge a “ 10 big projects”, in " China runs a newspaper " publish list of bear the palm and on April 12 Beijing spreads out act to awarded prize that day.
Date of expiration signing up: On March 10, 2007
Log onto Www.chuangqiahui.com.cn of organizing committee website to examine please participate notice, download an application form to fill in by the requirement declare.
● China casts financing forum
Orgnaization of investor, investment and investment project communicate communication further, hurried progress is met achievement.
Forum theme: The trend that public investment does poineering work and policy situation / the wisdom that does poineering work successfully / the model invests successful case to analyse / concessionary management special performance / industry financing special performance
● angel capital invests a peak to meet
Angel capital invests a peak to be able to be aimed at the project of new and high science and technology that exhibits meeting concentration, poineering financing project, invite by course of study inside famous the expert group that joins financing expert, wind to cast company manager to comprise undertakes commenting on, try the pattern that project spot true condition demonstrates, deepness digs project advantage and investment value, invite more wind to cast company delegate to attend the meeting, stimulative project square with angel capital communicate and butt joint.
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