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Wash clothes the development of course of study and wash clothes accident case a

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A dress Great Master is told " dress be pregnant with is worn the most beautiful person on the world and the most beautiful thing " . Because dress is,mix through specific spin data, colour, line modelling, condensing to concern the element such as achievement of art of ethos of social tide, times, theatricality.
Dress forward the brand is changed, recreational and individuation, comfortable change, the dress that vogue turns development person already from one garment much season---One season much garment----Dress diversification. The production of any dress, dress reachs the metropolis in collecting a process to having the flyblow of different level, the both neither when the existence of these bilge makes dress is being worn is beautiful, uncomfortable, need to clean.
As people living standard rise, of life rhythm accelerate, of clothings clean what cause people more and more to take seriously, and the clothing and other articles of daily use that oneself can wash is less and less: It is on one hand what work as a result of people is busy, the society is finer and finer, the consumes an idea change of people, people hopes to more time busy other thing, put from the solution in prosperous housework, it is clothing fabrics diversification on one hand, dress forward high-grade development, need goes to professional cleaner's catharsis, wash clothes course of study also more get of the attention of people and society approbate.
Industry of 21 centuries catharsis to socialization, specialization, large chain group develops, it is by dress the latent capacity of the market and guesthouse hotel industry are cancelled stage by stage washhouse and facilitate, the law of transport guild regulations that the intense competition of the market, small profit is managed is market economy, so managing the sources of energy, managing specific power consumption, reducing an environment to pollute is the concept that green environmental protection washs clothes.
Dress catharsis is to accompany the development of industry of manufacturing industry of industry of course of study of textile, printing and dyeing, chemical industry, garment, leather and the industry of development, the development of new-style clothing fabrics asks we go understanding, the catharsis technology of new-style dress relies on us to master.
Below my general often easy occurrence clothings accident analyses as follows:
(one) according to international and home washed clothes 2004 the accident is complained rate
The analysis is as follows:
The responsibility of 1. textile manufacturer is occupied 20%
The responsibility of 2. clothing manufacturer is occupied 35%
The responsibility that 3. washs clothier is occupied 45%
(2) the responsibility analysis that washs clothier
Accident of 1. color problem is led 30%
2. shrink, change model, 20% dress attaint
3. causes an accident to lead because of ornamental 20%
Accident of 4. coating, printed fabric is led 20%
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