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Clothings loses luster is how to return a responsibility

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After some clothings dry-clean, although do not have deposit to cause color to send grey phenomenon, but it seems that colour and lustre is inferior to previously.
Textile manufacturer is the glossiness that will increase fabric through adding brightening agent commonly, brightening agent also says for fluorescent agent, it is in as colorless coating fabric surface, shine below ultraviolet light illuminate. Ultraviolet light is the one part of the sun, naked eye is invisible, illuminate on fluorescent agent when ultraviolet light, can see macroscopical bright color, make fabric fiber newer than before so, more shining.
Have a lot of washing powder and black of a few dry-clean (Jian is oily) the fluorescent material that itself contains certain amount, make wash the clothing and other articles of daily use that give brighter. Color is more bright-coloured. The action of fluorescent material is right natural fiber (cotton, wool, silk) action excel man-made fibre (nylon, polyester fiber) .
A lot of fluorescent agents can dissolve in the dry-clean in 4 chloric ethylene, although the wrong mark on these clothings is worn " but dry-clean " . Personnel of dry-clean of this kind of circumstance is very difficult anticipation, also cannot prevent. This responsibility ought to return belong to textile manufacturer, this asks we wash clothes personnel should have rich identifying fabrics ability and experience. But, the catharsis in if be in afresh,having the black juice that contains fluorescent material can improve this kind of condition commonly.

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