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Wash the problem that catchs industry existence and germ analysis at present

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1, malign competition is specific reflect.
Between the industry not cooperation is the exterior phenomenon that the industry forms malign competition, its incorporate form collects fees for catharsis malign competition, the price drops, profit becomes small, bring about wash clothes worse and worse of employment service level, the client is spent to washing the satisfaction of dress Wu lower and lower, make this group course of study does not have money to earn more and more, be willing to work without the person more and more.
In equipment the incorporate in production industry is malign depreciate competition, bring about industry technology progress is slow, the product drops, the industry seeks profits the level is lower and lower also.
In chemical industry expression is, product quality drops, level of content of product science and technology is low, the main measure that the market competes is to depreciate with rake-off, turn makings sale credit is low between industry business, it is difficult that payment for goods reclaims, sell it is difficult to go out, gathering is more difficult.
In cloth grass the industry behaves bath to be jumped over to wash the price more low, seek profits to be differred more, besmirch is more and more unmanageable, gathering is more and more difficult.
2, the consequence that malign competition brings.
What malign competition brings is sequential, main watch is the malign competition behavior of core with depreciating now, the development that caused whole industry lacked recovery capability. From exterior on those who restricted new talented person and fund enter, restricted progress of enterprise oneself technology and culture level of management to rise again from interior, also restricted the development of cultural and educational work of this group course of study at the same time, reduced an industry to serve medium position in the society. Arrive all the time today, still do not have the professional setting of this group course of study in the school of above of our country three-year institution of higher learning, will develop technical qualified personnel for this group course of study without the person, make of technology and culture lag behind to arrive instead the direct matter that becomes catharsis industry to develop camp.

3, the source that malign competition generates.
Analytic our country is washed catch an industry to be in development, of quality of product of this kind of ignored and industry development long-term interests depreciate phenomenon of competitive vicious circle. Be in not only this group course of study, also put in the problem with similar move in industry of our country other, its germ should find out the deep-rooted bad habits of culture of our country people, does China have sentence ancient? Head of Quot; rather chicken, do not be phoenix end " this kind of narrow idea, follow our country to there is very big origin concern in blemish of thought morality respect and ethical culture actually, review Chinese business, between development process, the basic problem that restricts business development truly is not capital, technology, however person, it is moral level of the person, what a lot of companies are growing is earlier, can form better competition ability, employee and investor also can accomplish make concerted effort, but the development as the enterprise, the backbone talent of a lot of enterprises and high-level leader, in initial stage because individual level is low, ability difference basically can set his mind at to do poineering work jointly with the enterprise, ability can servantchoose a person for a job in developing progressively investment to time and financial capacity are fostered and bring up these backbone talents and high-level leader to make a trade as the enterprise. When the enterprise need develops again, go up when step, do these philtrum have a lot of people is alliance unripe? Head of Quot; rather chicken, do not be the narrow thought of phoenix end " , the talent that the enterprise forms for years accumulates can rapid collapse, can appear around the talent's fission of a big company all round be born very quickly the small company that gives a few to produce similar product with it, the founder of these small companies, it is the technical backbone that old company develops big in the past company and leader mostly. They are direct capture took an enterprise to produce channel of administrative experience, market, raw material to supply the achievement that waits for many sided in the technology that will form for years, and the fee that does not need to pay cash one minute, include the money of his oneself even, and his immediate goal is undertake competitive with the business that develops him, use a lot of low cost dominant position such as its management, taxation, labor, the method that uses low price dumping will loot is fostered for years and bring up his business market. Washing catch an industry, what expression of this kind of phenomenon highlights most is wash equipment manufacturing industry, it is the bad news material such as relevant chemical industry, things, appliance next manufacturing employment. Dumping of this one low cost stimulated more cleaners practitioner to leave the cleaners that works so likewise, investment becomes small-sized cleaners owner 30 thousand yuan two, the cleaners that also passes with working so with him with similar pattern undertakes low competes, make further cleaners cannot form big fund to accumulate, cannot face the change of the market more, ego updates development to upgrade for modern cleaner's.
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