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Dry-clean solution agent has a few kinds to have what actor drawback each

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Basically have 3 kinds, they are: A, chloric acting hydrocarbon synthesizes solvent, the most commonly used is 4 chloric ethylene (PEKCRO) , its security is good, defatted decontamination capability is strong, but it has to the metal stronger corrode action, its hydrolyze advocate substance is toxic, cause a harm to soil, water quality and human body. Additional, it has more powerful deliquescent effect to the goods such as plastic, nylon, so, when catharsis must such decorations (wait like the button) get off. Dissolvent of B, chloric fluorine, its model delegate is 3 chloric 3 fluorine ethane (CFC-113) etc, it is avirulent, cannot light, right balata, much belong to chemical fibber to not have caustic, abluent spend prep above 4 chloric ethylene. But this kind of dissolvent destroys atmospheric ozonosphere, already by taboo. Dissolvent of hydrogen of C, carbon, namely oil dissolvent, catharsis effect is good, with the clothings after this kind of dissolvent is washed, without catharsis of 4 chloric ethylene constant some peculiar smell, to human body and environmental free from contamination. Because its security is poorer,go, ever was washed out, now the development as science and technology, security already was solved, consequently, more and more the favour that gains dry-clean owner.

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