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About a few of dry-clean specific issues

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Is A, what kind of clothings unfavorable dry-clean?
Polypropylene fibber kind clothings (contain prevent rain silken etc) , rubber products (contain elastic) , leatheroid, paint kind of decorations (like Qi Hua) , contain metallic decorations, stick goods of received cloth with soft nap with glue. B, often can dry-clean shorten the life of clothings?
Won't, rather, often the life that dry-clean can prolong clothings, because,this is, bath expands in the fiber that allows clothing and other articles of daily use above all, such is in when catharsis, scour goes to infiltration in fiber, clean very hard clean, rudimental scour can eat fiber, make from the face fiber becomes fragile, those who cause clothings life reduce. And dry-clean won't make the fiber of clothings expands, do lotion, especially oil solution agent, won't in infiltration fiber, won't build those who become clothings to become fragile consequently, won't affect its life reduce, moreover, besmirch grew to be able to affect its life in the time on clothings, and one truly fine but stick on contamination of little grain of tiny speck or other, fabric fiber wears away quickly like meeting resembling sand paper. Adhere to additionally the bacterium such as the spore in dust also can damage further clothings. C, dry-clean whether kill a bacterium?
Can, but be not all bacteria, say commonly, on clothings microbial can divide for the bacteria, without caterpillar, spore and helminth. In dry-clean process, because fight the action of lotion, bacteria, without caterpillar and moth larva can be killed, to spore, the action that carries mechanical power can make its come off from clothings come out, go out with filter depart next. To pedicular, can kill, but because its adherent force is special strong, cannot go out from the depart on clothings. The clothings shrink of D, dry-clean?
Won't. Be in only dry-clean process is normal and proper, clothings won't shrink happening, if have shrink happening, because former dress manufactory was not done good,be beforehand shrinkproof treatment, 2 it is the interfuse in dry-clean agent water portion.

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