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The story of the birth of dry-clean and author

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Bei Lang of tall benefit · is born in Paris family of a pauper. 13 years old he goes out alone work. Because age is small, the factory agrees to recruit him without which, after roaming about a few years, he discovers family of a noble, press one's suit Mrs. Na Jiagui let him be become in the kitchen labour of a small impurities. He everyday the job is to kill chicken, kill a fish, pull the land, sweep a toilet, undertook the whole thing almost all dirty vivid tired work, one day should work least 12 hours, and the salary of earning cannot buy even a chicken, dan Qiaoli still feels very contented. He always is live frugaly ground earns hardship the cash hoard that come to rise, feed oneself impoverished home.
A day of midnight, qiao Li is knocked by sound sleeps lightly hurriedly. Expensive before madam should go to an appointment the following day early in the morning, requirement tall benefit irons her dress instantly. Because honest too tired, he is not careful kerosene lamp overturn, the kerosene drop in the lamp was in on the dress of expensive madam. Qiao Li was psyched out, he is work to be afraid one year also Maibulaina's expensive clothes. Expensive madam asks Qiao Li is compensated for stoutly, work in vain to her! Qiao Li is extremely depressed, but promise to work in vain to expensive madam one year when him hind, he also got that clothes. Actually that dress is a bit more flyblown only just, if send a mother to wear it, she is met certainly very glad. But he dare not tell mother this thing, she will be very sad, before then Qiao Li hangs that dress in his bed, with caution oneself fasten recommit fault.
One day he discovers suddenly, the place that that dress is crossed by kerosene dip not only not dirty, kept clear of original besmirch instead. This discovers Ling Qiaoli is extremely excited, experiment through relapsing, qiao Li added other a few chemical raw material in kerosene again, develop eventually gave dry-clean dose. After a year, qiao Li left expensive madam home to open a cleaners, the first cleaners on the world was born so. Qiao Li's business is sent and cannot close, a few years he became the dry-clean king that lets a whole world fix eyes upon. Nowadays, cleaners spreads all over each corner of the world, while people is enjoying the dry lotion that he discovers, the name that also remembered him -- Bei Lang of tall benefit · .
After dry-clean is born original 50 years, those who use is the dissolvent such as terpene of benzene, kerosene, benzine, camphor. These dissolvent have combustibility, often cause fire. As a result of this consistent life blemish, make dry-clean technology is popularized hard. 1897, the An Telin of · of case of Lv heart dimension that German Lai compares stannum makes dry-clean technology is crossed ahead took one step. He sends palpability to use 4 chloridize carbon to make dry-clean lotion. The catharsis effect of 4 chloridize carbon is good, not combustible. But have a rebarbative drawback, contain pungent peculiar smell namely. And have to equipment caustic. To 1918, europe begins to convert 3 chloric ethylene will replace 4 chloridize carbon. From now on, dry-clean industry grows gradually rise.
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