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What is wet wash?

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Wet washing is a kind of method that with Shui Heqing clean agent washs clothes one kind, with if dress of dry-clean of 4 chloric ethylene is opposite,use solvent.
SATRA fabric maintains technical center always is mixed by inquiry dry-clean wet wash which kinds of method more advantageous. The answer depends on a lot of elements, include the besmirch type of content be washinged clothes and fiber content. The main factor that other needs to consider includes time, drying and whole very hot. Wet wash finish in a machine normally, but when if need is especially soft,churning, usable still hand will finish. What differ with this is, dry-clean always is finished in the machine of appropriate special design.
Wet washing perhaps is foregone the oldest fabric catharsis method, so affirmation cannot call the creation of 20 centuries. Method of machine, additive, drying is sure benefit from benefit from is contemporary technology, but the principle did not change.
Wet wash continue to develop ahead, for example OK now wet wash a suit, and before the suit is only able wash.
Already had now advanced washing machine or " wet wash machine " . This kind of machine uses a kind of additive package. This kind of additive is designed to get special purify bilge and suspension bilge, protect fiber and fabric in catharsis process.
Wet washed benefit needs to try to consider together with its blemish. Benefit is, can better purify water base bilge, the be soiled that be like sweat, blood be soiled, coffee be soiled, tea be soiled and nicotine be soiled. Blemish is, the likelihood is out of shape and walk along form, fold (increase whole very hot difficulty) interlining depart, fade and extend stoving time.
Most shrink, walking along form, fold to have is by catharsis process medium mechanical action is brought about. The rotate speed that drops roll, add water to fabric rinse ability to be able to reduce these blemish greatly. This kind of method the method that so that make,with traditional scroll dress bilge shakes is different. Additive also conduces to protective fiber.
Some fiber are right wet it is not quite good to wash reaction. This includes to stick glue fiber and acetic acid fiber. The suit that makes li of line with acetic acid fiber is unwell at wet wash, because,this is wet when washing in line fold is serious, and still lose feel, and latter arranges a process follow-uply irreclaimable also. Some stick glue fiber wet same question also can be come up against when washing.
Because pigskin is used wet washed method compares the method that uses dry-clean more (not easy) the color that drops grease to keep more easily also original, a lot of pigskin dress are so more comfortable at major wet wash. However, if in line is acetic acid fiber can create a problem.
Often be be being made by dry-clean business is wet the decision that washing still is dry-clean, and content of the type that this will rely on bilge, fiber and dress structure.
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