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Air of Guangxi of water heater of solar energy of Nanning of Guangxi solar energ

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Limited company of solar energy of hill of Guangxi Nanning embellish reposes in developing zone of economy of Nanning city country, it is Guangxi area first major undertakes project of solar energy hot water, what project of hot water of air source hot pump and promotion of product of solar energy series apply is professional company, invite expert of project of domestic and international solar energy joint research and development, design. The company is in and other places of city of city of Nanning, Liuzhou, Guilin, Yu Lin, expensive harbor, the North sea, Wu, 100 color, admire has numerous client group, add a client newly every year nearly 10 thousand, contracted to do a job project of numerous solar energy project, hot pump hot water, get the accredit of broad user. Will be abided by all the time for years " boycott false and inferior product, brand of promotion name actor " management principle, dedicated the promotion at product of source of solar energy, air, it is the total representative of many famous brands of domestic. Already developed the warm water system of new energy resources with Guangxi area older dimensions through old effort compositive enterprise, also be brand of source of numerous solar energy, air the actual undertaker of the project of system of large solar energy that is in Guangxi area.
The company holds to high starting point, high fixed position, high level to manage a concept for the enterprise, it is with environmental protection of earthly village, green oneself, rely on group of Zhuhai division force, Fosan truly source of air of hot Mu of solar energy of giant star of dawn of group of hill of company, Jiangsu sharp edge, Shanghai answer, United States heats up pump, wide thing Lai captures the famous dimensions business such as central air conditioning, source of production solar energy, air heats up product of pump series brand, attach most importance to the brand of form a complete set of bit of promotion application, the actor that the price of tall, sex of its character, grade compares, in course of study of person of the same trade be far ahead.
The company has the engineer team that is engaged in source of old solar energy, air heating up experience of pump engineering design, installation and construction team, can mix according to the particular kind of the client that use water, requirement that use water economic actual strength, the quantity designs plan of project of all sorts of energy-saving environmental protection warm water system to offer client reference personally, contented client is right a variety of demand of hot water, let a client have larger choice space!
Company with " go after outstanding character, creation serves first-rate " for the concept, the engineering of solar energy hot water that provides one-stop, whole journey to change for the client serves, accomplish " a phone, careless " !
-- one-stop expert of project of hot water of new energy resources
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