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Principle of carbon dioxide dry-clean

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One, introductive

At present the most general dry-clean technology is to use hydrocarbon kind (oil kind) , chloric acting hydrocarbon (be like 4 chloric ethylene) as solvent. But oil dissolvent flash point is low, explode easily combustible, dry slow; Flavour of chloric acting hydrocarbon gas is pungent, toxicity is higher (it is in the content limitation in air commonly under 50ppm) . Dry-clean industry especially a few more Euramerican the country is searching a kind all the time already the catharsis dissolvent with clean safe and efficient sanitation, roll out at present have green earth (Greenearth) , RYNEX, and the new-style clear lotion such as liquid carbon dioxide. Greenearth is liquid of a kind of clear dull, KB is worth (abluent rate) as adjacent as oil dissolvent, but under 4 chloric ethylene, and the price is high; The KB value of RYNEX is as about the same as 4 chloric ethylene, but water content is higher, and evaporate too slow, not easy second birth and reclaim, dry-clean cycle is long; Cost of KB of liquid carbon dioxide is higher than oil dissolvent, slightly under 4 chloric ethylene, but be in bleeding, anti-fouling content again the side such as agglutinate is better than 4 chloric ethylene.

In the metabolization child that carbon dioxide regards life as the activity and nature of industrial by-product consist in, basically originate firepower generates electricity, tail gas of building materials, steely, chemical industry, car and gas field of natural carbon dioxide, it is to cause " greenhouse effect " main gas. Dissolvent of dry-clean of liquid carbon dioxide is by-product of a kind of industry, just be used before its return to nature, did not increase the concentration of the carbon dioxide in atmosphere. Discharge capacity of Chinese carbon dioxide is whole world ball the 2nd (about 3 billion tons of) , to make full use of this one resource, our country established a lot of research tasks.

2, property of physics of liquid carbon dioxide

Exterior tension makes an appointment with 3.0dyn/cm, density 0.8g/cm3, ) of viscosity 0.082mm2/s(12 ℃ . Than ℃ of O.88mm2/s(20 of viscosity of 4 chloric ethylene) low much, so liquid carbon dioxide can penetrate more fiber.

Structure of carbon dioxide element is very stable, chemistry is dead, won't produce chemical reaction with fabric. Additional, its boiling point is low (- 78.5 ℃ ) , normal temperature often is pressed falling is gas. Liquid carbon dioxide becomes gas to depart very easily with fabric through decompression, complete leave out the complex aftertreatment process that brings with traditional dissolvent.

Liquid CO2 and exceed critical CO2 to all can serve as solvent, although exceed critical CO2 to have taller than liquid CO2 dissolvability (have the density with liquid close and tall dissolvability, have both low viscosity of gas and tall permeate force) . But it is taller than liquid CO2 to the requirement of equipment. Cost of integrated consideration machine and make CO2 be solvent, temperature control is controlled in 15 ℃ , pressure is controlled in 5MPa.
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