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Our country will raise commissariat to buy valence to increase pair of farmer al

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Xinhua net Beijing on October 20 report (reporter Jiang Guocheng) national development and reform committee announce 20 days, basis the State Council is standing on October 17 conference spirit, close to ensure farmer increase production is added, stimulative commissariat and agriculture are produced, the country will continue to increase strength of policy of strong Nong Huinong, include main organization to begin main produce to buy among them, relatively the commissariat minimum that raises to was produced 2009 substantially buys the price, relatively increase pair of allowance of kind of grain farmer substantially.

Reform according to developing appoint the introduction, current, northeastern region, according to round-grained nonglutinous rice every a unit of weight 0.92 yuan, corn 0.75 yuan price executes every a unit of weight the country closes temporarily store; According to every a unit of weight 1.85 yuan price hangs out his shingle buy central reserve soya bean. Strengthen " the carry austral boreal grain " carry harmonious, continue to execute round-grained nonglutinous rice (rice) into involve freight allowance policy, encourage the enterprise that sell a division to produce an area actively to purchase paddy rice to northeast.

In southern paddy advocate produce a division, according to every a unit of weight 0.94 yuan price buys medium, late long-grained nonglutinous rice, close temporarily as the country store. In rape advocate produce a division, by every a unit of weight 2.2 yuan price buys rapeseed to the farmer, contented edible is laid in in the center of vegetable oil. The country has closed according to every tons of 12600 yuan price in Xinjiang area store a certain quantity of cotton, will inspect market condition to increase again next close store amount, organize the movement outside good cotton.

Development is reformed appoint announce at the same time, from next year new food appears on the market case, lowest of every a unit of weight buys white wheat, red wheat, wheat mixture price rises 0.87 yuan respectively, 0.83 yuan, 0.83 yuan, raise 0.1 yuan than parting 2008, 0.11 yuan, 0.11 yuan, raise extent to be respectively 13% , 15.3% , 15.3% . Paddy lowest buys price level to also will be made relatively rise substantially.

Chinese next year will consider chemical fertilizer to wait as a whole farming endowment the fluctuant circumstance of the price and commissariat price, increase further farming endowment fill integratedly continuously. Raise thoroughbred subsidy level, enlarge allowance limits, allowance limits covers wheaten, paddy, corn and northeast soja. Enlarge limits of allowance of Agricultural Machinery and Implement and sort, raise subsidy level.

In addition, china will perfect mechanism of fertilizer market adjusting control further, fat off-season commerce lays in proper broaden the scope dimensions, make sure chemical fertilizer is supplied and market price case is stabilized basically, build chemical fertilizer to wait farming endowment rise in price with rise farming endowment mechanism of integrated straight filling linkage, strengthen fertilizer market to superintend, increase opposite produce and sale carry out is fake the blow strength of chemical fertilizer behavior.

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