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Korea media says to be in a China of the death in Er fierce case the female is a

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Http:// 2008 year on October 21 03:11 east morning paperKorea media says to be in a China of the death in Er fierce case the female is added to 3 people Head Er police is on the Zheng Mou body of black hat of a suit black clothes ferret air gun. IC graph

  List of the person that die

Li Yue child

(about 50 years old, chinese)

Zhao Ying child

(about 53 years old, chinese)

Piao Zhengshu

(about 52 years old, Chinese)

Su Zhen

(about 20 years old)

Min Tai child

(about 60 years old)

Golden raise be apt to

(about 45 years old)

Above all is transliterated

Brilliant of week of morning paper reporter jades

Yesterday morning, be in an area of Er Changjiang Delta the hole that talk Xian takes an exam inside courtyard hotel, one fame says " detest the world " do violence of arson of man of 31 years old of Korea, cause 6 people death, at least 7 people are injured. China is stationed in Korea diplomatic mission to confirmed yesterday afternoon, woman of at least two China dies in this accident, two people are injured, do not eliminate the possibility that number of Chinese citizen casualty rises further. Yesterday later on, the Chinese female that Korea media says to die is added to 3 people.

   Indiscriminate do violence

Local time yesterday morning 8 when 15 minutes or so, this Zheng surname man is inside his room douse benzine and arson, flame grow like a weed goes to 4. A lot of resident escape in succession a room. 8 when make 20 minutes, zheng Mou holds lethal weapon to run the lodge person of a dormitory throws several people repeatedly, carry out indiscriminate do violence; 4 go up again after 10 minutes again to 4, 5 live guest do violence. After incident happens 1 hour, namely Korea local time in the morning 9:20, the police was arrested hide the Zheng Mou in 4 attic.

The victim was sent the hospital of suitable weather rural area around immediately, affirm 6 people die finally, at least 7 people are injured, among them 4 people are weighed, 3 people flesh wound. According to police message, in 6 people of death, serious knife wound dies in 5 person, the building jumps down when another person escapes because of fire and do not treat die. Police says, dead number may rise further.

According to local media coverage, there are two people to affirm female of the citizenship in be in the dead, among them one factitious the Chaoxian nationality, and there also is 4 in the person that hurt again the name is Chinese record the Korean people person. Their identity had be notted affirm. In addition, disclose according to police, among 7 person that hurt again, mix besides Jin Mou Lin Mou is the male outside, the female that the 5 people such as the others Zhang Mou, Jin Mou are 20-50 many years old.

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