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Dry-clean accident claim for compensation is impracticable

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Turn things upside down of dress composition label the dry-clean accident claim for compensation that 100% cotton are a holiday likely is impracticable

Mark is worn the dress of 100 % cotton, after pressing dry-clean of standard of cotton qualitative clothing, be out of shape all the same, become angry! Miss Zhang encountered this awkward trouble.

Shenyang city is washed acquire association relevant controller expresses, because at present dress composition marks to be put generally in false composition, the proposal is bilateral first with " remedy " means is solved, do not talk things over to have identification of claim for compensation again.

Pure cotton skirt is washed " flower "

Late on May 26, ms. Zhang flower bought dress of a white 699 yuan, the line on skirt has gules strawberry pattern, write on inside label have " 100 % cotton " model of written characters. The clerk says pure cotton cannot fade, best dry-clean.

Dry-clean goes after Ms. Zhang wore. On June 4, she takes the clothes to cleaners. "That dress fade, the dress ' flower ' . " cleaners boss calls her to look for bazaar to retreat.

"Market staff is not retreated to me, say my catharsis method is incorrect. " bazaar clerk tells Ms. Zhang, already indicated on the dress " but dry-clean " , or is cleaners be bathe actually, or is liquid medicine has a problem, responsibility is on cleaners body.

Composition is unidentified cause catharsis accident

The reporter came to cleaners yesterday, poplar the boss expresses clearly, this dress is pure cotton far from, according to the damaged degree of the dress looks now, this dress namely " 37 cotton wash " !

"She can make identification, looking is my bath, or my liquid medicine uses a fault! " poplar the boss expresses, there are a lot of dresses now, include high-grade dress even, in fabrics composition the outside and the inside " scratch " , for instance this dress is " 37 cotton wash " composition, cotton makings has 30 % only, polyester fibber has 70 % , if in fabrics true tag composition, cleaners can choose liquid medicine according to this kind of composition. But what present problem is tagging at this dress is " 100 % cotton " , the catharsis means that oneself use inevitable with " 37 cotton wash " catharsis kind is different, cause thereby be out of shape, fade.

Proposal summer wear not dry-clean

"At present catharsis dispute basically is centered in 3 respects. " Shenyang city is washed catch guild vice-chairman Li Xueqi to tell a reporter, 3 large issue basically are cleaners do sth without authorization changes dry-clean to be " bath " , the client sends the clothing that does not suit dry-clean wash, composition of dress random mark causes catharsis accident, among them the issue that random mark composition creates is most.

Li Xueqi says, major issue is mark by the dress unidentified cause, the client sends such clothing wash appear very likely problem, severe meeting finish dress.

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