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Bai Nake suggestion lowers interest carry brace up the stock market

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Time of Beijing of dispatch of sina finance and economics on October 21 before dawn message, beautiful couplet store chairman Ben Bainake (the speech of Ben Bernanke) Zhou Yi makes clear, beautiful couplet store adopt further likely lower interest measure, this makes wall street found hopeful reason; Meanwhile, credit crisis has shown assuasive sign.

Bai Nake says, the fatigued and weak state of American economy may last for some time, right new round governmental drive plans to express to support. Suffer this effect, american stock market goes tall considerably, the reason is investor thinks his certain opinion on public affairs alludes beautiful couplet store will at lowering interest once more soon.

Bai Nake is in congress Boule budget committee (House Budget Committee) states support is adopted new drive of round of government plans. Assemblyman of the Democratic Party of United States Congress is promoting new incentive plan all the time, but bush-administration is cool to this reaction, the reason is governmental budget deficit rises. (Tang Feng)

Sina statement: This edition article content is pure belong to author individual viewpoint, offer investor reference only, do not make investment proposal. Investor is operated accordingly, the risk is carried oneself.

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