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Financial crisis leaves the United States to Chinese student advantageous!

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Should admit, as a result of the United States second the financial crisis that borrows the crisis to cause, make the United States present economy is stagnant really. Wall street cuts down the member of persons employed, lei Man's brother closes down, united States forest is bought, a lot of people are unemployed, the United States is experiencing stern economic test. But the United States is seeking the plan that solves a problem actively on one hand, the government helps city, a large number of noting endowment. On the other hand the United States crisis impute to a lot of countries, let a whole world buy sheet. These alleviate to the United States particular function arrived since financial crisis. As to the problem that place of a lot of people cares, namely does financial crisis of the United States go to the United States to study abroad to be affected to Chinese student? My individual thinks, financial crisis leaves the United States to was not affected to Chinese student. We part below from macroscopical analyse a reason with particular facet.

Macroscopical and comparative United States and Chinese current situation

Macroscopical in light of, we analyse American first present state of mind. Above all the United States is an economy powerful nation, because the state of mind of this American is opposite before more arrogant. But in recent years two things make the state of mind of American produced apparent change. Was on September 11, 2001 happen " 9.11 " incident, in political make American got hit. Additionally one is close paragraph of banking crisis that time wall street produces, in economically make American is weighed defeat. Carry these two responsibilities, make American drops frame work gradually, state of mind by arrogant become gentle, the United States opens travel to China is a very good example. From the point of the angle that study abroad, they with more the state of mind that open and includes is willing to receive come from world each district especially Chinese student studying abroad.

The haing Buddha in campus of university of American haing Buddha is statuary

We see Chinese current situation again. Above all Chinese economy maintains high speed development a few this years all the time, we increase gradually to the influence of the world. The success of the Olympic Games is held, let the world know China, let China move toward the world. God the success of 7 storehouses, more those who let world each country realise China is powerful. Next, the high speed of Chinese economy develops, make China has one fraction person to had been mentioned enter well-off, become wealthy family ahead of schedule. Although these people are occupied percentage is not high, but because Chinese opening cardinal number is huge, to make a very small percentage already the amount is huge. Basis " global fortune signs up for 2008 " (2008 World Wealth Report) , at present the amount of millionaire has exceeded China France. The to millionaire definition in the report is: Except housing the amount of individual hold liquid assets exceeds 1 million dollar. According to this standard, up to 2007 bottoms, the number of Chinese millionaire is 414900, exceeded 394000 French. Remember, the unit at the back of the millionaire that indicates here is a dollar, if change a RMB, want at least at the back of this number plus 0. Again, chinese all through the ages values education, the family is wealthy, what they think of above all is the education of individual and children, and the educational quality world of American university is famous, especially famous college of the United States is in China widely known, the first selection destination that because this goes to the United States,studies abroad to be able to become them without doubt country.
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