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Unscramble: Cannot rise to CPI treat sth lightly

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Unscramble: Cannot be opposite CPI rises treat sth lightly

Li Xiaochao expresses, CPI goes up an occurrence fall after a rise it is policy of a series of macroscopical adjusting control publish executive result, show control inflation obtains apparent effect. Nevertheless, CPI goes up a fall after a rise and the measure that specific aim ground is adopted to commanding the price are concerned, go up with international price a fall after a rise is inseparable. Current, upriver product value still is in perch, economy moves in still existing the element that a few influences rise in price decides an element with a few inaccuracy, we rise in price to still cannot treat sth lightly to dweller consumption.

Look into

Protect growth to will make grand shift advocate fundamental key

Economy is added fast put delay to do not have so terrible

World banking crisis hit the confidence of world economy and each country investor, consumer badly, our country is not exceptional also. Be anxious understandable, but panic was not necessary.

Compare 5 years with the past, the economy of 9.9% gains before 3 quarters fast reduce somewhat really, but with reforming and opening since of 9.8% year all add fast photograph to compare, still be in faster interval. In the meantime, forecast according to international Monetary Fund, economic growth all is in area of the United States, euro and Japan this year 1% fluctuation, and our country hopeful is achieved 9.7% . Below the setting that in international money market economy of quick and queasy, world grows to put delay apparently, a our country still is world economy growth " engine " .

Pay close attention to the influence of tripartite face closely

Li Xiaochao points out, crisis of current world banking is met to Chinese future economy produce a few adverse effects, need pays close attention to 3 respects closely: It is to want to pay close attention to the influence to attracting foreign capital closely. As a result of the influence of world banking crisis, of world liquidity decrease, reckon direct to our country foreign trader investment can produce a few effects. 2 it is the influence that need attention increases to exit. 3 it is the influence that needs to pay close attention to pair of investor and consumer confidence. We also want to see, I am state-owned resist the ability of this one influence, foundation and space.

Lower interest wait for policy hopeful to come on stage thick and fast

Face the change of economic environment, adjusting control branch already defended adjusting control target overheat from the beginning of the year, those who prevent inflation " two prevent " turn to grow to was protected July, control inflation " protect accuse " , add in economy fast after putting delay further, is future macroscopical adjusting control policy what course to follow?

Li Xiaochao expresses, future will enhance the foresight of macroscopical adjusting control, specific aim, flexibility further, stimulative economy grows more quickly smoothly, maintain stability of domestic economy finance, drive national economy hard good develop quickly again. "Policy operation space is at present larger, include policy of finance policy, monetary policy, structure, industry policy, have more room. Have more room..
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