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Join product of catharsis of the function that fight bacterium to raise big flag

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Join product of catharsis of the function that fight bacterium to raise big flag of science and technology

The summer is the season with bacterial particularly rapid breed, no matter be things of the life, work or public facilities,be polluted extremely easily by the bacterium, the health that gives people constitutes potential menace. Wholesome epidemic prevention makes the development trend of catharsis industry gradually, day of child of Beijing the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces turned limited company a few days ago together center of control of Beijing disease epidemic prevention is formal a catharsis that is new function with fighting bacterium, epidemic prevention the product is pushed to the market.

The reporter understands, in daily life, people often is put in an error in clothings catharsis respect, think to be mixed with common washing powder wash clothes fluid washs the dress clean went, the bacterial virus that is concealed in more deep-seated face actually was not kept clear of, the bacteria on clothings is in common temperature limits (20 ℃ - 60 ℃ ) inside catharsis but surrive, those look clean and clean fabric to still be put in the circumstance that the bacterium pollutes. Data makes clear, common catharsis product is in the family catharsis clothings, purify rate of the bacterium is made an appointment with 70 - 80 % , the bacteria can breed very quickly in great quantities, this can fight bacterium effectively with respect to need catharsis product and abiding fight bacterium.

In addition, people is fighting the understanding of bacterium, catharsis and disinfection to go up to also be put in very big error. Do not be equal to the epidemic prevention that fight bacterium except bacterium above all, the bacterium that uses the catharsis product dispel that eliminates bacterium is provisionality, and the great majority that dispel drops is run-of-mill bacterium, and a lot of harmful bacterias are very difficult however dispel. Connect clear water to be able to eliminate bacterium, imagining the product that eliminate bacterium is very finite to the dispel of the bacteria. Disinfect adverse health blindly next, alexipharmic product is used mediumly in household more and more frequent, a lot of people think the chroma of disinfectant jumps over Gao Yue to be sure, actually this is a kind of misunderstanding, certain in disinfecting a process material may be right healthy cause undesirable effect, expert of center of control of Chinese disease precaution ever warned say: Product of many use disinfection will cause huge harm to human body and environment.

The staff member of group of child of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces tells a reporter, the series defending Er that rolls out this fights bacterium catharsis product union is domestic and international experience of the most advanced wholesome epidemic prevention, use the security on international research and development of raw material of biology of efficient environmental protection and into, it is current our country has banner level the first batch fight bacterium catharsis product. Center of control of Beijing disease precaution detects the result makes clear, product of catharsis of the series that defend Er mixes catharsis fight bacterium to close and for one, it contains the safe to the skin part that fight bacterium, to alvine path pathogenic bacteria, fester sex pathogenic bacteria exterminate rate all be in 90 % above, keep apart exterior pollution effectively thereby, achieve antibacterial effect. What it can maintain clothings already is clean the function that came true to fight bacterium epidemic prevention again, prevent a bacteria again breed.
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