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Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry reminds wide wash clothes to choos

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Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry reminds wide wash clothes to choose normal cleaners please

Recently, mr Yu of Huang Yan came up against an irritated worry, the price that he bought January 2855 yuan fur clothing, put in cleaners dry-clean, recapture comes ulterly changed, the surface layer of fur clothing departs badly, flake, rectify a dress slimy, cannot wear at all. He asks cleaners recoups a loss, but cleaners holds to him dry-clean means to be no problem however, bilateral refuse to budge does not fall, then 12315 centers complain Mr Yu Xiang Huangyan.

Classics understanding, this cleaners used 4 chloric ethylene to be used at the dry-clean of fur clothing in catharsis. Cleaners emphasizes, they are to use fur clothing of dry-clean of 4 chloric ethylene normally, the fur clothing of other does not have a problem when catharsis, and this fur clothing appears however such circumstance, explain fabrics of this fur clothing has a problem. Be versed in business personnel thinks, without giving thought to clothing fabrics how, cleaners is had discern dress is comfortable at dry-clean, choose why to plant scour how catharsis, with ensuring clothings does not bear damaged responsibility. And the dress that this fur clothing is the normal manufacturer production that consumer buys from normal businessman, explicit sense organ looks should be dermal fur clothing. Cleaners since collection fur clothing, ought to have maintain the dry-clean technology of catharsis fur clothing, have the obligation of catharsis good fur clothing. 4 chloric ethylene are the scour with at present commonly used cleaners, but because it has stronger dissolve fat sex, can cause certain harm to clothings. Already made clear in mark of catharsis of fur clothing inside indicate: Cannot chloric wash. Accordingly, this fur clothing appears such circumstance, the sex of strong dissolve fat that is 4 chloric ethylene likely very is right of fur clothing damage place to cause. But, this cleaners is a very common miniature cleaners, do not wish to assume 2000 multivariate economy compensation, come with protracted means play truant. For a fur clothing, consumer should get back justice, will continue to spend much energy.

Current, the catharsis of the high-grade clothings such as cloth with soft nap of fur clothing, abb, people more and more the habit appeals cleaners. But, as a result of fabrics the reason such as the catharsis technology of personnel of the different character of each different, scour, dry-clean, cause wash clothes dispute tall house does not fall. Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry warns broad customer: Precious dress dry-clean should choose credit the beautiful of good, service, normal cleaners that has technology of more complete catharsis; Appropriate saves the receipt that buy the clothes, wash clothes proof; Answer to precious dress written agreement protects value choice to wash; When taking the clothes, want to be examined carefully, discover the problem is solved in time, do not talk things over to be able to be protected to door of local The Ministry of Commerce and Industry or disappear appoint complain.
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