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Garment washing machine the knowledge introduced drying machine

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Knowledge of the dryer Description: 1, concepts: Dryer is in a washing machine, generally, after washing, remove the clothing and other textiles used in the water. Most of the drying machine includes a rotating drum, belt-driven through the inner cylinder, the cylinder Around the hot air to evaporate moisture. 2, the working principle of: Dryer exhaust fan is by suction, the hot air heated by heat exchanger, and then, by rotating the inner cylinder constantly flip heat exchange material is dried, so that the fabric contained in the heat of vaporization of water from the plane to achieve in the short Time, the purpose of drying clothes. 3, the machine structure: (1) of the dryer fabric to send large entry, investment and easy to take the fabric and features a clear tempered glass, they can always see the internal fabric turning and drying conditions. (2) of the dryer heat exchange with copper, aluminum material, drying fast, high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption. (3) The structure of the dryer cabinet-style, compact structure can be used to narrow the local installation, the tube is made of stainless steel, durable. Valve inlet pump (4) by rotating the control circuit within the electronic process control, working hours, in accordance with the 'forward - stop - reverse - stop' automatic cycle repeated sequence, and timing control.
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