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Geek Love Green: Cleaning Products to create the marine life

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December 9 with the natural environment, worsening the environmental behavior of everyday life has been widely advocated. What would you do to support environmental protection? Foreign artists David Edgar, a hand-washing products using discarded packaging produced a set of works of art, hoping to raise awareness of the importance of the issue of water pollution. Let us also try their hand copy or imitate the level of it, even if not donate Money, you can still become a Planet. Cleaning supplies are an important source of water pollution. On the one hand they cause increased phosphate content, making the water in a state of severe eutrophication, causing algae blooms, oxygen depletion, water quality deterioration; on the other hand, detergent containers of scrap is not easy for most of the degradation of polyethylene , over time, they have formed in the ocean one by one "island", and caused great harm to marine life. David Edgar's idea is very good, so that originally had the waste may contaminate the water transformed into water thousands of works of art attitude. This change is very educational and ah.
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