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Firm of 3 ad that cross a state is disgrace China advertisement to make public e

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Not long ago, li Dai moxa (TBWA) , design of firm of 3 ad of beauty of Sa Ji, constant that cross a state makes disgrace China ad, arouse the indignation of domestic and international netizen, give in succession condemnation. Nowadays, this is troubled by the end to go up at delimiting full stop. The reporter learned from concerned respect a few days ago, firm of 3 ad that cross a state has made conduct of disgrace China advertising with respect to its design formal and written apology, knock gently organizing committee of division of accept international advertisement also recalled to award TBWA Paris company disgrace China advertising award.

At the beginning of this year July, appear on the net by TBWA, Sa Ji, Home Heng Meisan firm of the ad that cross a state is one group " amnesty international " the series that the design makes disgrace China advertisement, advertisement content basically is to lend project of Olympic Games sports misrepresentation, defame China.

The intense dissatisfaction that design of firm of 3 ad that cross a state made disgrace China advertisement arouse our country people very quickly and condemnation, netizens stick Wen Yu in succession on the net with assail. Our country concerns branch and orgnaization to wait for design of firm of 3 ad that cross a state to make disgrace China advertising with respect to TBWA behavior had solemn and just negotiation with its, express intense dissatisfaction, indignation and protest, the requirement is hostile to with respect to its harsh action of China makes an apology publicly, affirmatory will produce this kind to be hostile to no longer henceforth China or chilly to Chinese people problem. Meanwhile, chinese advertisement association still knocks gently section of accept international advertisement sponsorred an orgnaization to have solemn and just negotiation together, write twice continuously knock gently Terry Saweiji of chairman of organizing committee of division of accept international advertisement, disgrace of strong demand cancel China advertisement place bear the palm, be in knock gently be deleted in website of section of accept international advertisement, and must not collect its in the image sound data such as collect of work of bear the palm and CD, video tape.

In August the middle ten days of a month, the formal and written apology that our country receives Keyes Smith of president of TBWA whole world to design ad of made a group of disgrace China to make with respect to TBWA Paris company about the respect, TBWA headquarters is affirmatory take corresponding step, avoid this kind of incident happen again. Keyes Smith of president of TBWA whole world says in apologetic letter: "TBWA international is with respect to branch of Paris of near future TBWA ' amnesty international ' the work of a group of advertisement of the design, its harmed belong to the same organization of Chinese people love severely, express deep regret and cordial apology earnestly to Chinese government and Chinese people here. " apologetic letter expresses, review this event, we feel be necessary to take relevant step, make a new administrative system, inform TBWA banner of next each branches to comply with is carried out, avoid this kind of incident in order to ensure happen again: TBWA headquarters will ask each branch rigor looks attentively at this work transmission in global each district, once discover, take step instantly, this advertisement is in keep within limits the whole world anyplace transmission activity; Assure to be inside global limits won't of the advertisement work with chilly to China reappear make and travel; The design that TBWA banner will issue all branches henceforth and take part in the match after work must be examined strictly via global originality chief inspector, ability is referred, take part in the match. TBWA headquarters expresses to hope to continue to maintain the good cooperation relationship with China.
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